Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 Bowling in Pokie! It was fantastic! I also pulled out the best game of bowling that I have ever had!
 Beautiful Pocatello! THAT is a picture from the Hospital that we got to go to this week to administer a blessing (an absolutely wonderful experience! The crazy thing is that we went to give a woman a blessing and her daughter never showed up to show us in and we were about to leave BUT this man walked up and asked us to give a blessing to his wife and it was incredible! THAT is why Heavenly Father wanted us there.
 THAT is a picture of me with the head of a moose! In one of our investigators, Brother Richmond's home, he has this mounted above his stairs and after building up enough courage to touch it, I asked him if I could take a picture with it and he said yes! Whoo
 That is Andrew, Madison and Marissa! Andrew was less active when I was in the area and started going with Elder Vigil and I. Man, he's fantastic!!!!!!
Bishop and Sister Hayden! He was my bishop in my last area and that's his wife! We saw them at the stake conference here in the Pocatello Stake! I never got a picture with them way back when but Heavenly Father blessed me with another opportunity!

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