Saturday, January 25, 2014

Electric Chairs and Cockroaches!!

Easily one of the greatest things to ever grace the earth....... the electric stair chair and FINALLY, I was given the opportunity to partake of the excitement that surrounds this wonderful machine! It was awesome! AND, don't worry, I wore a seatbelt..... I'm not kidding, I really did! 
 Whewww..... so. When we were at the Ficas a little while ago, their son wanted me to hold a cockroach. I told them that I would... NEXT time. Little did I know that next time would come so soon. It was so hard! BUT, eventually, I got myself to hold it! And, it actually was super awesome! They are SO cool! I now have a new respect for those little guys! Whoo!
THIS is Sister Fica. :) She is so wonderful! She is being baptized this coming February 1st and is so very prepared. I have loved the opportunity to learn and grow as SHE learns and grows in the Gospel!

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