Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/6/2014...Busy Week of Teaching!!!!


My week was beyond incredible! It easily was the best week of the transfer! Our New Years was a P-Day. One Monday, we had a 3 hr pday and another one on New Years Eve and that night we got to have pizza and watch Ephraim’s Rescue and Tron with our Zone! Crazy, I know! Then, we got to play risk and monopoly with some elders. It was a late night but a very fun night! The next day was so much fun as well! We got to play a LOT of basketball, meet our new zone, play dodge ball and handball/soccer with them, write letters, take naps and have a fantastic day!

Then, it was back to the good work come Thursday! And it truly was a wonderful day. :) We were able to set a baptismal date with a wonderful woman. She will be getting baptized on February 1st!  Her friend came up to us last Sunday when we spoke in their ward and said that she and her two friends  had been reading the Book of Mormon once a week for 2 years, they recently finished it and She had finally agreed to have the missionaries over! So, we were able to go over a meet them! Last Thursday, we had lunch and a wonderful conversation with them and then afterward, went into our lesson! We asked her a bunch of questions and then taught her the Restoration. It was so spiritual and so beautiful. :) Just to be able to testify of those wonderful truths was a blessing in and of itself. Afterward, we invited her to be baptized and after talking to her a little while, she agreed! It was such a blessing to be a part of that lunch/lesson bubble of absolute wonder! :) So.... basically..... we were walking on Cloud 9 after that.
THEN, later that evening, we got to meet with another investigator who had been asking him questions about the Priesthood and Missionaries. So, we got together that evening and talked to him! The silver lining to the night you say!? So, after a really good conversation, we got to sit down and teach them the Restoration as well. He had a lot of really good questions and was just on fire. Basically, we were loving it! :) Then, toward the end of the lesson, we invited them to be baptized! They said that they would BUT they weren't comfortable with setting a date then and there. They would rather learn more, pray about it and read the Book of Mormon before they can make that step. So, we testified to them that they WILL receive that witness. Because the Book of Mormon is true, if we faithfully read and seek an answer through its pages, we WILL get there! We challenged them to pray about our message and to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. They said they would! AND we are meeting with them this coming week! Whoo! They're so great and it was such a good experience to be a part of!
 THEN, the next day, Friday, we had the chance to teach another one of our investigators! We got to eat dinner with them then, help them move some boxes and then we got to watch a movie about the Plan of Salvation with them! Man, it was incredible. :) After that, we had a really good discussion and then invited him to be baptized again, promising him that if he were to exercise his faith and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority, his back would be healed. It was an incredibly bold promise but a true promise! After some discussion, he told us that he appreciated the offer but where he is at in his life right now, he just can't make that decision. He told us he would prayerfully consider it though. :) Also, the crazy things was that after we ended the lesson, his wife told him that she had received the same impression, that his back wouldn't be fully healed unless he were baptized. Wow. Hopefully, as he prays and reads the Book of Mormon, He will be able to recognize the silent whisperings of the Spirit telling him that it is true! We are praying for him, that's for sure! :)
 We went up Friday and Saturday to help with the cabin and then Saturday night we got to watch a BUNCH of Mormon Messages, tie them into the Book of Mormon, read the Introduction with them and challenge them to read it as a family! They said they would! :) Whoo! Truly, this week was magical and such a miracle. Heavenly Father always provides a way and the experiences we have that prove to be trials are always preparing us for something amazing right up ahead. :) I know that with all my heart! Also I have made a goal to study the Book of Mormon more! And that is what I will be doing! I can't wait for everything that I am going to learn! :)

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