Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/25/2013..Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Baptism!!!

Happy Thankgiving!!!!
I definitely had another wonderful week! It went SO well! :) We have a baptism this coming saturday. This past saturday we were able to finish up all the lessons with him, have lunch with him and his wife and help him hang up his Christmas lights. Man! It was the best! :) We also got to sit by him and his wife during their ward on Sunday! His wife is so happy for him as well. :) Apparently, he has been investigating the church for 20-30 years as him and his wife have progressed through their marriage. It has just been incredible to see him come to the knowledge that this is something he needs and that he has grown to desire it. :) Overall, I really don't feel like I did a lot. I know that it was just his time, that Heavenly Father has been preparing him for this moment and that Elder Abbott and I simply had the honor and opportunity to guide him in the right direction. :) He is such a fantastic guy and I can't wait til he and his wife are sealed for time and all eternity. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/2013...No Failures..just delays of success!!!

This week we weren't able to set another baptismal date with anyone BUT, one of our investigators moved his date up to November 29th! After talking with his brother in law, who is a bishop, he decided that he shouldn't wait and if this is something he wants, he should do it now instead of waiting and giving satan more time to work on him. Also, he will have a bunch of family in time on that day following Thanksgiving. We are SO excited for him! We were so surprised too! Heavenly Father truly does reward us according to our diligence and efforts. No matter what, if we keep pressing forward through the dark and the light, we will be able to find our way out because the greatest guide of all, even Jesus Christ himself is guiding us. :) As we keep trucking along and keep trying, we WILL be blessed! I know that with all my heart. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Picture Time

 That's the house we are building and that is the aftermath of Elder Abbott and I throwing saw dust all over each other!

 That's my grandpa Merkley off to the far left! I found this picture at the MTC and did a double take! I couldn't believe it! It's hanging up at the MTC!!! Man..... it was so wonderful to find. :)

Campinas+Pocatello= Campatello! (taken right before he left the MTC)

11/11/2013..Drinking syrup and trying to move cars!!

I am in the Pocatello 2 area which makes up the Gibson Jack, Indian Hills, Cedar Hills, Mink Creek, Arbun, Johny Creek, and Juniper Hills wards. It truly is up in the hills and on the west side of the tracks where there are SO many trees! ;) The cabin has been going so well! We have gotten to spend a LOT of time up there and have loved it! It's been hard but definitely worth it! The Sister (the only non-member in her family) has really LOVED seeing it go up! She has been getting so excited and the fact that Elder Abbott and I have been able to be a part of that has just brought us so much joy. :) Anyways, she is doing really well! We taught her and her family a lesson this past week and we got to talk about Elder Dube's talk "Look ahead and Believe" It was so good, so spiritual and we even talked about temples for a while which was incredible! 

Monday, November 4, 2013


11/4/2013...Grape football and enjoying our blessings

This week has been so amazing. :) and to get yours and everyone’s emails is like the icing on the cake. It's weird, emails and news don't make me miss home super super bad but they just kinda put me at peace somehow. It's weird! ;) But, thank you so much for the updates! I told Elder Abbot that I approach emailing like a really spiritual experience. I even say a prayer before I read or write...... ;) Don't make fun of me though! Haha! Anyways, thank you for everything! I'm so glad things are going well! I have absolutely loved and adored working in a home ward with all these kids and everyone from age 8-88. It's just been such a good experience! I can definitely add my testimony to that! I KNOW that member missionary work WORKS and that as we, whether we be youth or adults try to involve those around us, all that will come from those efforts is happiness, peace and blessings. Other people NEED what we HAVE. :) and if we truly love our friends and neighbors, as we have been commanded to, we will share our gifts with them.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

10/28/2013...Smiling and Painting fire hydrants

This week was absolutely amazing! So different, so adventurous  so loud and funny, and SO wonderful! Man....... Ahhh! My new area is WAY up in the hills at Pokie! We cover 6 wards and our area is HUGE!  I hope you are all enjoying the leaves! They are amazing here! Just everywhere! When we get the chance to walk on the sidewalks we spend quite a bit of time kicking them around! Haha!

10/28/2013..Piano Playing

The members that we are living with have a piano! :) After a hard days work going every which way you could possibly imagine, it is so wonderful to come home and play a little piano before bed. :) music is such a blessing from Heavenly Father. :) Music has the potential to settle storms and invite the spirit like few things can. As we take advantage of the beautiful tunes and melodies that we have been blessed with, we WILL find a greater spirit and greater peace in our lives. :)