Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/2014..Great Elders and The Temple!

this first picture is of Elder Fenau, Thomas, Soren, Durfey and I after an investigator fireside! This other one is a picture of the Idaho Falls Temple! I got to go up to Idaho Falls for a meeting and snagged a picture while I was up there!


This past week was absolutely incredible! MAN! We were able to find 4 new investigators! One of them, Eric, is an absolutely amazing man! He has quite a few struggles and at first, was not happy to see us because he thought we were solicitors for the Book of Mormon, but he lost his wife of 31 years a little while ago and we were able to bear testimony of the Plan of Salvation and have a really special spiritual experience with him! He is getting baptized on June 28th! All he has to overcome right now is some Word of Wisdom problems but he is dedicated and even asked us if he could get baptized before then! It was amazing. :) The Lord's hand is everywhere! Also, we got to meet 2 other new people, They are so wonderful! She had so many great questions for us. She spent a lot of time asking us about the Spirit World and Heaven because she loves her family SO much and lost her father a little while back. It was such a precious experience to see the tears come into her eyes and the spirit touch her heart as we shared these beautiful truths with her. In the end, she asked us what it would take for her and her husband to be sealed together for time and all eternity. Wow....... I know!! We explained baptism, church attendance, following the commandments and a couple other things to them. She is so on board! We are meeting with them again tomorrow and before then, she is going to read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and several of the pamphlets we left with her. It was an experience I'll treasure forever. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/12/2014..Rollerblading, Snakes and a Baptism..OH MY!!

Jon ! Man, I love this guy. :) He was baptized this past Saturday. It was a beautiful and incredible day. He has been ready for a long time and it showed during his baptism. The excitement in his eyes was very obvious and the joy radiated from him. Missionary Work is the Best!

5/12/2014..Winds of conversion

This week we had Jon's baptism. It was so special. :) He was SO excited and just glowing with joy. That same joy extended over into his confirmation as well. As 4 of us gathered around him to bestow him with this beautiful gift our Savior has made available, his long journey was fulfilled. :) He plans on serving a mission and already  has probably handed out more copies of the Book of Mormon than we have! Haha!

This past week I have been able to dive into the Book of Mormon and especially of late, learn more of its importance. The Book of Mormon is everything. As we fan the pages of that book, we will feel a spiritual fan pushing the winds of conversion upon our souls. As we learn from Alma, Amulek, Nephi, Lehi, Enos, Omni, Jacob, Moroni, Helaman, Jared, and especially our Savior himself and everyone in between, we will find great peace, joy, and a love from our Savior that is indescribable. As Elder Holland stated, "No wicked man could write it and no good man would, unless it were the will of God and inspired." It IS inspired. It IS the will of God. The Book is true, blue and the key to our happiness! :) If anyone feels so inclined as to gain a stronger testimony of this book, watch Elder Holland's "Safety for the Soul." Also, in light of Mother's Day, please watch the video on titled It Was Mom and share it with  someone!

Friday, May 9, 2014

05/05/2014..Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

 Can't wait to see you Mom! I love you! :)
 During a District Meeting Training, this was drawn on the Board. Everything we need to put on the ARMOR OF GOD and be a successful missionary!

5/5/2014..Be a redwood

My Week in review: Holy cow..... this week has been so amazing. :) Not only was it the absolute best #s wise but we just feel good about it and we got SO much good work done. It was just a beautiful week. :) We had the privilege of committing one of our investigators, Aaron to baptism on the 24th of May. He is so incredible. :) We have taught him the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and taken him on a church tour and read 3 Nephi 11 with him. Tonight, we are teaching him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ too. :) God is good. :) Also, another one of our investigators is going to be baptized in June on the 7th. Her name is Lora and she is AMAZING. RIGHT NOW, she doesn't think she will be ready but she believes it, I just know she does! These next couple weeks are going to be incredible. :) Also, something incredible happened! So, when I left my last area, there was a woman that we were trying to contact and when we talked to her there she said that she was moving and things were crazy. After that, we were never able to contact her again. BUT, turns out, she moved into MY area! I basically followed her! She is incredible and so ready and so receptive! She has such a strong testimony of God and the power of prayer. She is incredible and we are so looking forward to meeting with her. Without a doubt, Heavenly Father has His hand in this marvelous work. :) Those were definitely the more exciting parts of this week but other than that, District Meeting was incredible, the days were warm and beautiful, dinners with members went great and my studies have been going well! Life is good. :) I hope everyone else's lives have been going great as well! I love you all so much!

Spiritual Thought: In reference to Mosiah 4:6, do we trust in the Lord as we should? Are we withholding some of our trust from the Lord? Why? And if so, where is it going? It makes sense that the only place it can go is downward. Is our individual trust in our glorious Savior falling even as Adam and Eve fell? What we ALL need to do, is sink our trust deep into the bedrock of our Lord's love and when we do fall, we can be lifted up by the precious helium of the Atonement and let it fill our minds and souls. Jesus Christ once told us, "Be not Faithless, but believing." Are we withholding even a kernel of dedication from the Savior? If so, why? Is it our fear? Our lack of faith in His divinity? Our Pride? Our  selfishness? Our lack of care? Whatever the case may be, we need to take those vices and figuratively speaking, lock them in a chest to be left here on earth and embark on our journey to the Heavens. Everyday, we can feel that Heaven and fly with our Lord as we leave our doubts and rise in courage, as we take ourselves off the diet of distrustfulness and instead, partake of the feast of faith. Our Savior is real, He is the way, life and light. No man cometh to the Father except by He and no man knoweth true holy save He trust in the Son. :) My invitation is for us all to trust in the Lord! No matter what, put your trust in Him and you will always see the light! "The best time to plant a tree was 30 yrs ago, the 2nd best time is right now. Let the past be the past and not the future. We must focus on our seeds and move forward! With the Lord's help, we can and WILL be a redwood! I love you ALL! :)