Monday, November 17, 2014

11/17/2014..Winter begins!!!


We got the chance to take one of our investigators to the visitors center! Whoo!



This past week was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
Miracle #1- I'm not sure if I mentioned this in a previous email but one of our investigators, the Brown's youngest daughter, was not able to be baptized because her father said no BUT after a very determined Brother Brown whittling away at him, she will be baptized this coming Saturday at 6! We have a lesson with the family this evening and her birth father is going to be there to "see what it is all about." I'm SO excited!
Miracle #2- Our other investigators are doing SO good! The ward support has been amazing and they have been coffee and smoke free for quite some time!! They will be baptized on November 29th at 1 o clock! On top of that, Thanksgiving is going to be amazing! :) Also, if I didn't already mention is before, Brother and Sister Axline are going to be sealed this coming December 2nd at 3:30! Elder Abbott and I get to go!
Miracle #3- Our zone is doing SO AMAZING! We even got a call from our Mission President this morning and we talked about the outstanding work that the zone is doing! We are on track to baptize 18 INCREDIBLE individuals this month and many more people will have the opportunity to enter into the fold of the good shepherd this coming month! :)
Miracle #4- SNOW! It has been snowing SO much! :) Also, the other night, we acquired many boxes of raspberries and took them to our investigator's houses and gave them out to random people. It was FANTASTIC! ON top of that, we had our Missionary Leadership Counsel with President and Sister Brinkerhoff, the Assistants, and Elder Martino of the Quorum of 70! It was phenomenal! I learned more fully that if we have the right vision and the right motivation, nothing can stop us. All it takes is an attitude change and we WILL be able to get to where we want to go! We also got to have our Zone Training which was a phenomenal experience! :) These missionaries are incredible!!!
Miracle #5- I got to go on exchanges in the Spanish Branch with Elder Ibarra! We got to teach an amazing family in English and the I got to be part of a lesson in all Spanish! As you can expect, I didn't say much! Haha! Elder Ibarra would ask me questions, I would answer and he would translate though! That was pretty cool!
Overall, it was an amazing, snowy, up and down, roller coaster of pure amazingness kind of week! I love you all! Be safe and have a fantastic week before Thanksgiving! :)

11/10/2014..Short and sweet


It was an absolutely incredible week!!!
Highlight 1- We had our Zone Training! It was so good! The Zone was so excited about everything we were able to achieve in October and we are all very excited to see what can be done in November. God is blessing us!
Highlight 2- We were able to meet the son of one of our investigators. We hadn't been able to ever really talk to him but Saturday evening he let us in and we had a fantastic conversation with him! After sharing a message, we invited him to be baptized and he said he yes! WHOO! Also, we invited him to church and he said he'd go! He was there! Dressed up in a shirt and tie and everything! Also, we have an appointment with him this evening. This guy is awesome!
Highlight 3- We hadn't been able to meet with some other investigators for quite some time BUT we got to see them yesterday! We were worried that some of the opposition that they've been facing had gotten to them and they were starting to question everything BUT, when I saw her on Sunday, she walked up to me and said, "Guess who is smoke free!" AHHHH!!! It was awesome! Her and her daughter and son are set and ready to go for the 29th of November! We are starting to get everything set up. Truly, this will be the gift of Thanksgiving. :)
Highlight 4- I got all the info for Brother Axline! He will be taking out his endowments on December 2nd at 1 o clock and will be sealed to his wife at 3:30. A dinner will be held at 4:30 as well! AHHHH!!! I'm SO excited! :)
Highlight 5- It's a highlight just to be on a mission! Idaho is SO beautiful, the Gospel is INCREDIBLE and as a missionary, I'm immersed in both! Whoo!

Monday, November 3, 2014

11/3/2014...Baptisms and 'awesomeness'

The whole group at our P Day birthday party!
The whole gang! Elder Abbott was my trainer, I trained Elder Bertoch and Elder Bertoch is now training Elder Green! It's a 4 part line of pure awesomeness! :)
Bryan and his daughter were baptized Oct 29th after an amazing adventure of faith! there baptism was such a wonderful experience!!! I

11/3/2014..BAPTISMS and a hurt back!!!

This past week has been a crazy blur of awesomeness! I experienced something I've never experienced before too! Turns out, I have a stretched nerve in my lower back! It isn't correlated with any sort of strenuous activity I did, just that I slept on it wrong! But, overall, it's doing some crazy things to my right leg. On the plus side, I got to visit with a Physical Therapist and he basically turned me into a pretzel! It worked though! It was SO cool! Physical Therapy is incredible!!!! :) I should be healed up soon! Cross your fingers! Also, I got to take a nap this past P Day. Up to this point in my mission I hadn't really ever slept on a P Day. My goodness...... it was Heaven! It was SO nice! Also, one of our wards had a Chili Night Halloween Party this past Tuesday! It was SO much fun! I met some amazing people and we were led to 2 or 3 more families to start visiting. The members are absolutely incredible! They are so supportive and they make you feel like a celebrity as a missionary! Haha!