Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/27/2014..The Tin Man and Our church is so cool!!


My week in review: Oh man...... picture the best week EVER and place that week in Idaho and you will get a good feel for what my week was like! P-Day was AMAZING! We had a surprise birthday party for one of the Sisters in our zone! We had donuts, played basketball, soccer and wrote letters! It was SO much fun! On Tuesday, we had an absolutely incredible meeting with the other Zone Leaders in Idaho Falls and the Assistants. It was an emergency COUNCIL OF WAR as Moroni would say. We talked a lot about the mission, where we are at and what we are going to DO to grow and grow and GROW! Overall, it was an amazing and very inspiring discussion. A lot of ideas were thrown around and I feel very strongly that we can expect more amazing things here in Idaho in the coming months. Also, on Tuesday, Elder Olson and I were privileged to conduct 2 baptismal interviews for a boy and girl getting baptized Saturday1 They passed with flying colors! Then, we RACED back to Idaho Falls because we had previously been asked to speak in one of our wards Young Woman and Excellence thing. Basically, the theme was the Wizard of Oz so I got to dress up as the Tin Man and we talked about charity and love and tied it back to our Savior. It was pretty much the best experience ever but don't worry! I put my tag on the outside. ;) Also, we got to teach the Browns another lesson! They are AMAZING! :) On Wednesday we had Elder Eldredge, one of the Assistants to the President with us!! AHHHHHHH! It was so wonderful! He had previously served in this area so it was a joy for him to come back and see what was going on first hand! We were able to teach a LOT and have a fantastic discussion about the zone and the mission, where we are at and SPECIFIC things that we are going to do to grow and achieve our goals. It was SO inspiring and a wonderful thing to be a part of. Man, I love being a missionary and being able to do so many cool things. :) There was an elder a little while ago, Elder Gulisane that after he watched Meet the Mormons made the statement, "why is our church so cool?!" He is so right!!!! ;) Basically, it was an AWESOME day for the three of us! Elder Eldredge himself said it was one of the best days of his mission! WHOO! :) Thursday was awesome as well! We were able to teach a bunch of great people and also weekly plan! Whoo! Also, we found a new family to start teaching! :) Friday was CRAZY! So, we taught our investigator family every night this past week I believe. We got through all the lessons and made it to tithing. We expected a little hesitancy just because they don't make a lot of money as it is. And, we were right. We walked out of the lesson openly accepting the possibility that they weren't going to be baptized this month. BUT, the next day we brought the Bishop with us and he promised them that the FLOODGATES would open if they paid their tithing, not just the windows but the floodgates. It was an amazing thing to be a part of. The spirit was tangible and they are getting baptized this coming Wednesday! They passed their interviews and it was announced in Sacrament meeting! :) ALSO! The father has asked me to baptize him and Elder Olson is going to baptize  one of the daughters! Sigh.... best thing ever. :) We also took a Preach My Gospel questionnaire this past week! PMG is the best! :) Also, we had to give a bunch of missionary information! I have had 12 companions and been in 5 areas! WOW! Basically, the whole day was great! On Saturday we went to a baptism in our zone which was wonderful1 Also, we were able to meet with one of our investigators. She is gearing up to be baptized in November! She has so much faith and wants to change SO bad. Her determination is very admirable! Sunday was great too! We were able to teach a recent convert . We watched Finding Faith in Christ with him. It was awesome! Also, we met with 2 of our investigators. They are progressing well! She even performed in the Primary Program and he came to church for the first time in quite some time! Everything is just falling into place and we are standing in the middle of it dancing in the miracles! It's the BEST! :) God is so good and is so kind and loving. :) This upcoming week, we have baptisms as well as Halloween and our Missionary Leadership Counsel! It is going to be the best week ever as well! :) I love you all! Be safe, listen to the spirit, laugh and have fun! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/20/2014..Companions..Elder Olson

10/20/2014..baptisms ahead!!

My week in review: This past week was absolutely incredible! It was so BUSY and SO long in the best possible way!!!
Highlight 1- We took a family on a church tour and they are progressing well towards their baptism on Oct 29th @ 4 o clock! The father was not able to come to church this past week because of some very serious sickness BUT they've been reading the Book of Mormon and praying as a family! SO GOOD! Also, his wife and their two daughters came to church this past week and took notes for him! The Church Tour was SO powerful though! We walked through the chapel, showed them the Relief Society Room, the Primary Room AND the baptismal font! It's gonna happen and it is going to be incredible! This is just the beginning though! Our Zone is ON FIRE! Everyone is working hard and miracles are EVERYWHERE! These missionaries are incredible and I appreciate them so much! Missionary work is a work that brings SO much joy, fulfillment and happiness! To EVERYONE I invite them to help others find the light of the Gospel! There is not work as rewarding! It is beautiful and celestial and worth every minute of fear and or doubt! Please go forward with faith!!!!

Highlight 2- We were able to meet with another family! We asked them how church was and the mother said that it was long overdue and she is ready. The very next moment, the son asked about his baptism and when it was going to happen! WOW! They are so ready and so excited! It broke my heart to visit with them. They have had such a hard life, they NEED this so bad. I pray that nothing gets in their way. They will be baptized on Nov 30th! :)

Highlight 3- I invite everyone in the whole wide world to take notes during Sacrament meeting! Record the impressions that come to your mind and your heart! I did that during 3 wards this past Sunday and it was AMAZING. So many beautiful and personal things came to mind. I was able to find solace, comfort and answers. :) It may not always be easy but it is ALWAYS worth it!

Highlight 4- We had a really cool experience with another family! We were at our WML's home eating dinner and afterward, we went to contact him. He wasn't there but there were some guys on the other side of the street. So, we went and talked to them! They were everything but receptive and it was not an enjoyable experience. BUT! It was what we needed because right after that, because we spent 5 to 10 minutes talking to them, it gave the other Brother time to bike up and we started talking with them, eventually his wife and kids got home, and we shared a message with them! Through adversity comes the beauty of miracles!!! :)

Cool quotes that I recorded this past week:

"A necessary and wonderful principle of God's plan is progression. That's why we need to come to church so that we can receive a weekly catalyst furthering our progression. Change, righteous change, is impossible without the spirit."

"a cool and calm demeanor in times of panic and stress is the functional equivalent or a spirit filled state of mind."

'Honest and righteous laughter amidst struggles is a symbol of tremendous spiritual strength."

"Deep and abiding love for oneself stems from a sincere love of God and fellow men."

Missionary work is the best!!! Life is so GOOD! LOVE YOU ALL! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/13/2014..Awesome Elders!!


Things are going absolutely unbelievably amazing!!

1- We are teaching a wonderful family. They came to church this past week actually! It's a family of 4, a mother, a father and two daughters. We got to meet with them afterward and Brother B especially was VERY impacted by church. He felt that every word and testimony was exactly for him. All in all, he loved it! He and his daughter are going to be baptized on Oct 28th! :) We have a church tour with them this week! He has a fear of water so he wants to see the font beforehand. Cross you fingers all goes well! :)

2-So, the spanish elders were tracting and found a family/set up an appointment with them for us! We went over and they were so nice! A 14 year old boy, a 16 year old girl, and their mother! We were able to take them on a Church Tour the next day with the Bishop and one of the Priests and then, they came to church on Sunday! The mother said that "this is where they belong!" :D The ward has been so wonderful too! They've absolutely wrapped their arms around them. THAT is what makes all the difference. The love and care that the wards give. :)

3-I also got to go on an exchange this past week! It was AWESOME! We did a lot of contacting former investigators/randomly knocking on doors and everything went AMAZING! We found 4 or so potential people we could start teaching and were able to meet all of our goals and exceed some! :) Heavenly Father has been blessing us SO abundantly! :)

4- Transfers happened! :) Not a lot of stuff is changing in our zone. We have a sister leaving, an elder leaving and we are receiving another district. We will have 3 districts in our zone!! WHOO! :) Also, Elder Olson and I are staying! We are going to get to spend Halloween and Thanksgiving with these AMAZING people! We are beyond excited! :) Now, we just need to survive one more and we'll have Christmas here as well! Also, the Axlines are getting sealed in December. :) It is going to be SO WONDERFUL. :)

Overall, those are the highlights for the week!


Elder Olson and I have been able to see the hand of the Lord. Without a doubt, He never leaves us hanging. People often say, "why has God walked away from me?" I believe that when the proper reflection and perspective is applied, we quickly find that it is not God who has walked away but we have instead closed the door. He loves us and walks with us! He loves us with a perfect love that cannot be understood right now.
"He loves us enough to give us what we need, not what we want. :)"

My exchange in Shelley, ID was wonderful! We taught many wonderful people, played some soccer and I got to experience a much more rural area! :) I went with Elder Sincere and Elder Ledbetter and had a grand time. I learned much about the importance of humility and the role is plays in our being in tune with the spirit. It is impossible to be in tune with the spirit to the extent that God would like us to if humility is not in our hearts. :)

We had Zone Training as well! It was so crazy! We were so busy earlier that morning and weren't entirely prepared BUT it turned out well. :) A wonderful spirit of love and care was there and that's what we were going for. :) Also, we got to watch Meet the Mormons earlier that morning. It. Was. AMAZING! Please tell everyone about it! Make sure all your friends go! Not only does it answer questions but the spirit is SO strong. The lives of those people will take your breath away. It is well worth a visit to the theaters. :)

Also, Conference was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I loved President Callister, Elder Christofferson, and Jorg Klebingat's talks. They were amazing! And of course, Elder Holland's was fantastic. ;) I loved the messages that were given about how decisions determine destiny and that we NEED to sustain our prophet in word, conversation and action! It is such a gift to have one upon the earth and I need to better FOLLOW the prophet everyday. :)

Overall, it was an absolutely amazing week! I know with all my heart that the Gospel is true and that the church is true. :) It has been such a beautiful thing to see the blessings of the Gospel flow into my life and the life of others. :) I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that through it we can come closer to Christ everyday. :) Read it! Study it! Live it! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Elder Dart and Elder Olson!!!! 


My week: Things have been so amazing!!! We found a new investigator yesterday! We had just gotten out of a stake meeting and we went to go and contact somebody and they were home! They invited us in and after talking to them, we found out that he was baptized about a month ago and his wife, wasn't! BUT, she's taken the lessons and wants to get baptized! Also, they have 2 kids! It really was a miracle. :) Also, we got to walk around in the rain!!! ;) Mmmm... also! Yesterday evening, we had the chance to go and visit a family we have been visiting for a while. Everyone is active in the family except a step son they have, who is not baptized. We've been teaching the whole family the lessons and yesterday, we had a breakthrough moment with them! We got to give him a blessing. We talked a lot about the priesthood and he expressed how in the past he has been in environments where he felt evil spirits. After talking a little bit more, like I said, we gave him a blessing and it was absolutely incredible. :) Elder Olson gave a powerful blessing. The spirit in the room was tangible. :) We are looking forward to more amazing things moving forward! Also, we had the chance to meet with our Mission President and the other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders around the mission! It was FANTASTIC! We talked about a lot of different things and of course, where we are at with our goals and what we can do to move forward with even more direction! Overal, it was SUPER inspiring and we can expect great things! :) Also, we met two AMAZING women! Both of them are very well versed in the Bible and we have had some very lively discussions with them! We are looking forward to teaching them! :) Overall, I love it here. With all my heart and soul! AND I just saw and talked to Elder Dart again! It is so good having him here!I love you guys so much!!! Have a fantastic week!!! :)