Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/21/2013..Reeses Puffs in Paradise

I switched areas! I know, crazy! So, there was an Elder that was up north in Idaho but had to come down south because of Asthma problems. So, he was here kinda floating around with the zone leaders but, last night, it came time for him to get back to work! So, my companionship being the only trio, we got a call saying that somebody was gonna head out. The crazy thing was that at that moment we were having a Sunday night meeting with the Bishop and members of the ward and then we were going over to a recent converts home so we didn't get to find out who was going for about an hour! Man, that was a long hour! haha! But, long story short, it was me! So, I got the news, went to bed, got up in the morning, packed my stuff, helped clean the house, and then went to my new area! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14/2013...Be a light for someone

We watched conference from the institute building here in pokie! It was SO WONDERFUL! I absolutely loved it! The messages were so amazing and inspiring. I loved all of President Monson's talk and President Uchtdorf's talk where you said "You can do it now!" Just loved em.

Monday, October 7, 2013

10/7/2013..Be an ANGEL to someone!!

(Transfers came in) I'm actually staying right here! haha! I'm super super stoked! It's just gonna be amazing! What kind of stinks though is that Elders Vigil and Stephens are heading out, to Teratin and Idaho Falls. I'm gonna miss them but their new areas need them! What's gonna be really interesting is that now, I'm gonna have a new trainer and that HE is going to be training a new Elder. And Guess what! He's a Visa waiter! Going to Brazil! So we are gonna be able to do language study and be able to talk to each other all the time. Portuguese has been going mighty fine by the way. It really took off this week! I've been learning a lot of new vocabulary and grammatical principles and gaining confidence as far as conversation goes. I know that Heavenly Father blesses His missionaries. :) He is always there! And He loves everybody in the world so much, more than we can possibly imagine.
Also, I have decided that being a missionary and watching conference is like the super bowl. I was beyond excited! So pumped to hear everything! Especially from President Monson. I KNOW that that man is a Prophet and the President of this Church. I know that he is inspired and called of God. As we listen to his words, we won't go astray!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

9/30/2013..Read the Book of Mormon

Things are going good with Sam! We met with her this week but one of the people living in the place where we were meeting kinda went off and was telling us that there is no way that we could know the Book of Mormon is true simply by the spirit. It got pretty crazy so we are gonna have to find another chance to teach Sam, maybe somewhere else! Haha! I'm not really sure what being a Mason entails actually! But, we got him a bible today and we are gonna drop it by! Whoo! That might actually be a good idea! He’s been pretty busy with football so we will have to see the next time we meet with him! This week I got to go on exchanges too with my district leader. I was a bit nervous but it actually was a really good experience and an awesome day! We got to walk a lot! haha! I have pictures so don't worry! Also, lately, we have been praying and fasting quite a bit for the success and baptismal dates to start coming! We've already started to see the miracles flow and it's been wonderful!