Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/20/2013 Amazing church tours and testimony building

This week, as I stated before, was absolutely fantastic, and I mean it! We were able to set a baptismal date with a 9 year old girl.. She is awesome! Her mom is a member but doesn't go too often and she has 3 siblings, one of whom is baptismal age as well as her. She is very excited to get baptized and go to church! She went to primary this past Sunday and apparently LOVED it! We are going to start teaching her this week and hopefully, she will come to sacrament next week! She is on track to be baptized on February 15th! :)

               Other than that, we got to go on an AMAZING Church Tour! We have been promised, by our Mission President, that if we take our investigators on Church Tours, we will baptize in our areas. At first, my faith was not so strong regarding that BUT I am now on board! This past Saturday we got to take Sister S and her family through the Church Building, even though they have been there 100s of times and just look at all the pictures, feel the spirit in each room and talk about our individual experiences. Man, it was something else. Then, we got to end in the Chapel. We sang Count Your Many Blessings and then had an AMAZING discussion. Man, it was just so spiritual! That Chapel really is a beautiful and amazing place! After a short discussion, we asked Sister S if we were still on track for baptism on the 15th of  February and she said............. "It's not impossible!!!!" Oh my goodness! I was so happy when she said that! We still have that date we are working toward! AND we made a promise to her and told her that when she is baptized on February 15th, they WILL be able to be moved into their house come the end of February. Even if we have to be the Lord's hands everyday, they will move in! Gosh.... it was so incredible. :) After that, we took a moment to truly enjoy the spirit of the Chapel. Everyone sat and thought and pondered and I got to play a medley of "Families Can Be Together Forever" and a little bit of "I Love To See the Temple" on the piano. I loved it. :) I really hope they felt it and that the Tour was an incredible moment of growth for Sister Ser. :)
               Also, Elder Abbott and I were so blessed by Heavenly Father so as to be able to teach 31 lessons this past week! 15 of those being with investigators! :) Man, it was such a good week! Also, it was a ton of fun!!! Also, this past Tuesday I got to go on an exchange with the District Leader's companion. It was fantastic! We got to have an incredible day of teaching and finding in my area and we even got to go to the hospital and give a blessing to one of our investigator's father in law. Man.... it was an incredible day. Also, I learned a lot from this elder. As we talked, I was able to bear testimony of the reality of the Atonement and how we can ALL be redeemed from sin and our mistakes and move on to a beautiful future. :) I learned, more fully, from him that anything is possible with Heavenly Father's help and as we put aside our cares and concerns and the natural man inside us and love those around us, we WILL feel the spirit and we WILL feel the love He has for us and those around us. I can't fully put it into words but the day was just incredible! I sure love exchanges!                Other than those awesome moments, the middle moments of the week truly were fantastic as well. From the pizza we got to have to riding electric stair chairs, it was wonderful. ;) I can't wait to see what this next week has in store! :) I hope you are all doing well and know how much I love and care for you! Have the best week ever and go share the Gospel with someone!

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