Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1/13/2013....Farmer Bryce

We have been teaching a lot. We taught 24 lessons this week and I think a little more last week. We have been incredibly blessed of late! :) As far as baptismal dates, we have one Sister for February 1st and this past week, we went on a Church Tour with her! AND we taught her the Gospel of Christ and got to have another lesson with her and her family later in the week and we shared a spiritual message about faith and prayer I believe. :) Oh! Also, before we went on the Church Tour, we went to Pizza Hut! Yummmm..... :) Our other baptismal date is for  February 15th. We haven't been able to meet with her for a little while because her husband has been gone but the next time we meet with her we are going to touch base with her, set up a program and REALLY have a wonderful and spiritual lesson we hope! :) We had another guy for January 28th, but we most likely will have to drop it because he hasn't been to church enough times with us. :( BUT, we have a lesson scheduled tonight for 7 and it is going to be FANTASTIC! Other than them, there are about 10 people we could set dates with but we have either tried already and they aren't comfortable with it, or we are continuing to work with them and help them as best we can. :)
This area is so incredible and has so much potential. Even if I don't get to see the immediate fruits of our labors, I know that seeds are being planted and watered and it is such an honor to be the farmer in this area.
(I asked him exactly where he was serving)..I am serving in the Pocatello Stake and we meet at the Bannock Building and the Portneuf building. I'm not really sure what the addresses are though, sorry! But, they're great! We are over a branch called Arbon, and the wards we cover are Juniper Hills, Cedar Hills, Johnny Creek, Gibson Jack, Indian Hills and Mink Creek. Juniper Hills is really REALLY on fire right now! :) We do a lot of LA work in Indian Hills too and in fact, two guys that we have been working with are getting the Melchizedek Priesthood this coming Stake Conference!! :) AND, there are quite a few others that can definitely get there!

 Overall, it has been a wonderful week!! :) The Church Tour with Sister F was definitely the highlight AND she came to church sunday! AND we get to give a blessing tomorrow morning to the father of the wife of one of our investigators! :) 

Elder Merkley

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