Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/27/2013..Pickled beets

Our investigators are doing so well! We actually do not have a baptism this Saturday because of a very wonderful thing! Sister Fica reset her baptismal date for a day that was special to her, we aren't sure why, but February 22nd is HER day! We have been able to have so many wonderful lessons with her and her family though. We have taught her up to the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity and we just have to go over the commandments with her. She is going to Church (She even went to Conference) and she is so ready and we are so happy and excited for her! Another investigator is also doing incredible! She is right on track for her baptism on February 15th! We taught her the Restoration last week and are going to take her on a Church Tour this week and have FHE with her family tonight! It's gonna be AWESOME! All of our other investigators are doing wonderful! We are very excited for their progress! :)
Ok, the road kill was AWESOME, the brussell sprouts.... not so much. Also! We got to have dinner with one of our bishops recently. You know know much I don't like pickles. He gave us pickled beets! I mean, I ate it! I wasn't gonna say no but my eyes started to water and I was gagging quite a bit.... pretty much involuntary as well! It was CRAZY! we ate with Bishop Malcom in the Mink Creek ward last night and his wife made a caramel spice cake which was excellent! 

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