Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/16/2014..Happy Baptism!!

Scott Huff got baptized! It was an incredibly amazing day! The spirit
was strong as another one our brethren entered the waters of baptism.


Things are going incredible! I found out I'm getting transferred this coming Wednesday! BUT, I'm only going across the street. Haha! I'm going from where I am at to another stake, the Alameda Stake in Pocatello and I am SO EXCITED! I mean, It's kinda bittersweet having to leave but Heavenly Father has great things in store for me, I know it!
Overall, this week was incredible! I actually don't have too much time but I'll try and get in the good stuff! SCOTT HUFF WAS BAPTIZED!! It was absolutely incredible! A member in one of our wards, Jordan Allen baptized him! It went fantastic!! Also, we had an investigator come to the baptism! . His wife is a LA member and they are SO sincere and wonderful. We got to do some service for them this past week as well pulling weeds so just because I'm not in Moses Lake doesn't mean I'm missing out on that! haha! Overall, it was a fantastic experience, Scott was super happy and all is well. :) What else happened...... oh! We had a Zone Training and it was awesome! very spiritually uplifting! Lately, I've been studying the Book of Mormon more and it has made such a difference. :) That Book is not only true, but so incredible! Spiritually uplifting and beautiful and fantastic! When we let it into our hearts, thus allowing God to impact us through it, we will find greater happiness, greater hope and greater knowledge that God loves us. :) My goodness, sometimes, I just don't want to stop reading!
 :) Oh man! Wanna hear a crazy story?! We were playing basketball this last Pday and I ran into  somebodys knee with my thigh and man oh man.... it didn't feel good! It was kinda not so comfortable for me throughout the week BUT I'm gonnna push through! Also, we got to give a man a blessing before he went into surgery. He is a LA member but has a really sincere heart. Wonderful things are in store for him. :) Also, we went on splits this past week! Elder Bertoch went and visited this incredible family that
we have the opportunity to teach and actually extended the Baptismal Invitation to them! They accepted! They don't have a baptismal date to work toward but in the future, definitely. :) I went and visited a woman named Ruth. Her son died not too long ago and she has a really sweet spirit. It went well! :) It was really cool to go on splits too! Appearently, when Elder Berotch visited the Mills, she told them about a really cool experience! We had previously given her a blessing before she went into the doctor and turns out, she received the BEST blood pressure results she has ever had! before her and her husband went in, she asked him, "If this works and my results are the best they've ever been, will you get baptized?" Haha! She's like the 3rd member of our companionship!

 Haha! Also, as I said before, I am getting transferred! My new companion has been out about 17 months. His name is Elder Adkins and he is fantastic! I'm super excited for this new experience and opportunity to serve! I love life! I love being a missionary and I love you all!! :) Overall, the week was
fantastic! Cya all soon! :) 
....Bryce got called to be a zone leader but doesnt directly mention it in this part of his letter. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6/9/2014 This week in pictures....

I got to go to the Idaho Falls Temple for the first time!!! Man... it was incredible!! This is Brother and Sister Olsen! He is a returned missionary who served in Canada, studying to be a Dentist at ISU and has gone out with us quite a few times in the past! They just had a baby girl recently too!!  anyways, it was beyond incredible. :) The Temple is such a treasure and a privilege to have upon the  earth and the convenience that we have to attend? AMAZING. :) We truly are a blessed people! :

 Aaron got baptized!! It was such a privilege to be there at the baptism and to have been a part of his journey. :) We got to travel up to Blackfoot for it! Teaching him was such an incredible experience. Truly, he was and is a great example of humility and following the spirit. HOORAH FOR ISRAEL!!!
 This is Kyle Andersen! He is in training in San Diego to be a NAVY Seal!! Crazy, I know! But, he was in town for 2 days and is good friends with someone in one of our wards and while he was up here, wanted to be baptized! He got everything taken care of in San Diego and we had the privilege of being a part of his baptismal experience and confirmation here in Pocatello! He was so sincere and apparently, the spirit had been working on him since high school! It's never too late and there is always hope!
Wedding time!!! Scott, the man in the 2nd picture was married to Kristine Sonnier this past Saturday and he will also be baptized this coming Saturday!!! Man, he is such a great guy! Also, he is a former
NAVY Seal and has told us many AWESOME stories! Haha! Overall, the wedding was an awesome and interesting experience! They plan on being sealed in the Reno Nevada Temple in the future! Whoo!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/2/2014...Zone Conference and a CAMEL!!

6/2/2014..Zone Conference,Cleaning and exercising

Rest assured, we are having lots of success! :) this past week, we set lots of awesome goals for June and also, we had a Zone Conference! It was so much fun! :) We were also able to commit 2 of our investigators to be baptized! Praying and hoping for them! :) Also, we might be getting some new exercise equipment in our apartment! There is a family in one of our wards that wants to get rid of it and they offered it to us. Now we just have to figure out how to get it to our apartment! haha!

Also, we got to give a blessing to a less active man in one of our wards. He feels like the whole world is coming down on him and he just needs to know that God is there for him. It was a really spiritual experience and I'm super glad that I got to be there for it. :) Also, we did a deep cleaning of our apartment today and that place is looking great!! WHOO! Mmm.... what else..... the exercising and healthy eating has been going great! It's weird doing it really early in the morning because back home, I'd always work out in the evening! BUT, I'm getting used to it. Another Elder told me, "it's better to be sore than sorry" and that's kinda been my theme lately. ;) Also, it has been so sunshiny and beautiful here! Lots of sunscreen! ;) Also, Aaron is getting baptized this coming Friday in Blackfoot and we get to go there! Both Elder Bertoch and I are part of the program and we are very excited to be a part of it! Also one of our investigators, is getting married this coming Saturday AND we get to go to the temple on Wednesday!!! Man..... this week is going to be so fun! It's going to be a great kickstart into June! Overall, I'm doing really really well! :)