Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 Bowling in Pokie! It was fantastic! I also pulled out the best game of bowling that I have ever had!
 Beautiful Pocatello! THAT is a picture from the Hospital that we got to go to this week to administer a blessing (an absolutely wonderful experience! The crazy thing is that we went to give a woman a blessing and her daughter never showed up to show us in and we were about to leave BUT this man walked up and asked us to give a blessing to his wife and it was incredible! THAT is why Heavenly Father wanted us there.
 THAT is a picture of me with the head of a moose! In one of our investigators, Brother Richmond's home, he has this mounted above his stairs and after building up enough courage to touch it, I asked him if I could take a picture with it and he said yes! Whoo
 That is Andrew, Madison and Marissa! Andrew was less active when I was in the area and started going with Elder Vigil and I. Man, he's fantastic!!!!!!
Bishop and Sister Hayden! He was my bishop in my last area and that's his wife! We saw them at the stake conference here in the Pocatello Stake! I never got a picture with them way back when but Heavenly Father blessed me with another opportunity!

1/27/2013..Pickled beets

Our investigators are doing so well! We actually do not have a baptism this Saturday because of a very wonderful thing! Sister Fica reset her baptismal date for a day that was special to her, we aren't sure why, but February 22nd is HER day! We have been able to have so many wonderful lessons with her and her family though. We have taught her up to the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity and we just have to go over the commandments with her. She is going to Church (She even went to Conference) and she is so ready and we are so happy and excited for her! Another investigator is also doing incredible! She is right on track for her baptism on February 15th! We taught her the Restoration last week and are going to take her on a Church Tour this week and have FHE with her family tonight! It's gonna be AWESOME! All of our other investigators are doing wonderful! We are very excited for their progress! :)
Ok, the road kill was AWESOME, the brussell sprouts.... not so much. Also! We got to have dinner with one of our bishops recently. You know know much I don't like pickles. He gave us pickled beets! I mean, I ate it! I wasn't gonna say no but my eyes started to water and I was gagging quite a bit.... pretty much involuntary as well! It was CRAZY! we ate with Bishop Malcom in the Mink Creek ward last night and his wife made a caramel spice cake which was excellent! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Electric Chairs and Cockroaches!!

Easily one of the greatest things to ever grace the earth....... the electric stair chair and FINALLY, I was given the opportunity to partake of the excitement that surrounds this wonderful machine! It was awesome! AND, don't worry, I wore a seatbelt..... I'm not kidding, I really did! 
 Whewww..... so. When we were at the Ficas a little while ago, their son wanted me to hold a cockroach. I told them that I would... NEXT time. Little did I know that next time would come so soon. It was so hard! BUT, eventually, I got myself to hold it! And, it actually was super awesome! They are SO cool! I now have a new respect for those little guys! Whoo!
THIS is Sister Fica. :) She is so wonderful! She is being baptized this coming February 1st and is so very prepared. I have loved the opportunity to learn and grow as SHE learns and grows in the Gospel!

1/20/2013 Amazing church tours and testimony building

This week, as I stated before, was absolutely fantastic, and I mean it! We were able to set a baptismal date with a 9 year old girl.. She is awesome! Her mom is a member but doesn't go too often and she has 3 siblings, one of whom is baptismal age as well as her. She is very excited to get baptized and go to church! She went to primary this past Sunday and apparently LOVED it! We are going to start teaching her this week and hopefully, she will come to sacrament next week! She is on track to be baptized on February 15th! :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Pocatello Snow Storm hits again!!!!! ;) It was crazy because a lot of people fasted for moisture and BOOM! It worked! :
THIS is awesome, if I do say so myself! So, we went early to the church building to play some ball one morning and it was crooked so I climbed up and evened it out!

1/13/2013....Farmer Bryce

We have been teaching a lot. We taught 24 lessons this week and I think a little more last week. We have been incredibly blessed of late! :) As far as baptismal dates, we have one Sister for February 1st and this past week, we went on a Church Tour with her! AND we taught her the Gospel of Christ and got to have another lesson with her and her family later in the week and we shared a spiritual message about faith and prayer I believe. :) Oh! Also, before we went on the Church Tour, we went to Pizza Hut! Yummmm..... :) Our other baptismal date is for  February 15th. We haven't been able to meet with her for a little while because her husband has been gone but the next time we meet with her we are going to touch base with her, set up a program and REALLY have a wonderful and spiritual lesson we hope! :) We had another guy for January 28th, but we most likely will have to drop it because he hasn't been to church enough times with us. :( BUT, we have a lesson scheduled tonight for 7 and it is going to be FANTASTIC! Other than them, there are about 10 people we could set dates with but we have either tried already and they aren't comfortable with it, or we are continuing to work with them and help them as best we can. :)
This area is so incredible and has so much potential. Even if I don't get to see the immediate fruits of our labors, I know that seeds are being planted and watered and it is such an honor to be the farmer in this area.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learning new things!!

 This is  picture of Elder Abbott, the Grinch and I at the Juniper Hills Ward Christmas Party! It was so much fun!
Chiseling out plug outlets at the cabin! It was so awesome! Brother would go at it with a chainsaw and then we would use our skills (or lack thereof) as "wood masons" to chisel out enough room for the little box to go in the hole!
The things you find at the stake center! We were at the stake center correlating with one of our Ward Mission Leaders and doing some Progress Records when we found this box! Appearently, they make really good sturdy boxes and they're good for food storage! Who would have thought?!

1/6/2014...Busy Week of Teaching!!!!


My week was beyond incredible! It easily was the best week of the transfer! Our New Years was a P-Day. One Monday, we had a 3 hr pday and another one on New Years Eve and that night we got to have pizza and watch Ephraim’s Rescue and Tron with our Zone! Crazy, I know! Then, we got to play risk and monopoly with some elders. It was a late night but a very fun night! The next day was so much fun as well! We got to play a LOT of basketball, meet our new zone, play dodge ball and handball/soccer with them, write letters, take naps and have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New pj's for Christmas!!!

Staying in Pokie

Elder Abbott and I are together for another 6 weeks! WHOOOOO! We are super pumped! Hopefully, we don't drive eachother crazy, YET! ;) As far as an update, the rest of last week was incredible wonderful! After Christmas, we did the best we could to contact people who were not gone for the Holidays and overall it went well! We met all of our goals except for the baptismal date goal we had set for ourselves. BUT, we WILL set another date this week and help prepare another wonderful Child of our Heavenly Father to enter into that covenant and take the first step towards him! :) Overall, it was a really good week. Elder Abbott and I are getting a little sick because there is a bug going around but we have plenty of medicine and those cough drops that you sent have been lifesavers. Thank you again! Oh! Guess what?! This week is the same as last week in terms of our P-days! We have a 3 hr pday today and tomorrow and then an all day p day on New Years! It's gonna be really fun and interesting that's for sure! :) But, I hope you guys have the best ever week and that new years is wonderful for you guys! :) I love you all so very much and you're always in my heart. :) Much love from Pocatello!