Monday, February 16, 2015

2/16/2015..Fun with lunch!

That is a peanut butter and banana sandwich that I made and it was just begging to be made into a face in the process!

2/16/2015..Help someone today!


I don't have a lot of time but this past week was AMAZING! I got to go on exchanges with an Elder Harrs and we had a fantastic time! Lots of good experiences and lots of lessons learned. I've been learning a TON about the scriptures lately. There is a wealth of knowledge there that NEEDS to be accessed and dove into every single day! I've been spending lots of time memorizing/familiarizing myself with various scriptures and really trying to be a better teacher! The scriptures are SUCH a powerful teaching tool. Aside from our testimony and the spirit that we can invite, easily the strongest and most dynamic one out there! :) AHHHHHH!!! It is the best! If anyone gets the chance... please look at Psalms 40:1-2 and correlate that with Psalms 82:3 and don't forget to look at Moses 6:28 and always ready D&C 4! :) In addition to my studies and my exchange, we took a family of 4 on a Church Tour this past Saturday and committed 3 of them to be baptized on march 28th! We are very excited for them! :) Also, the exercising and healthy eating has been going AMAZING. I feel so good, inside and out. I feel like I can conquer the world! The confidence that clean living gives us as individuals can move mountains. :) Also, we have a baptism this upcoming Friday, a sealing next week and a baptism the 28th of February! Best. Month. Ever. :) So excited for everything and everybody! I hope everyone is doing well back home! Go find someone that needs help and be sure to lend a helping hand today! :)

2/9/2016...A warm day!!

62 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!! It was like we were in Hawaii! It was soooo nice! And, because of my back, I can't jump too crazily into the air so a small hop seemed sufficent!

2/9/2015...Taking care of bodies and spirits!!


This past week was WONDERFUL

Miracle #1- We have been able to have several visits with a wonderful woman. We found her by contacting her mom and after her telling us, "my daughter lives next door", we went over and contacted her! She didn't seem quite interested then but after scrolling through the phone on day, I found her name and decided to call her. So far, we've taught her 4 times and she is going to be baptized March 21st! She loves the gospel and finds the fact that we can be forgiven and move forward a beautiful and sacred thing. She is going to be a pioneer for her family and bless the lives of many around her!

Miracle #2- We had our Zone Training! A bunch of us missionaries got together and spent 3 hours talking about everything we need to do better! Haha! Ya know what made it even better? The Mission President decided to come!!! ;) It was fantastic having him there. He invites the spirit and has such a presence. It was a beautiful and spiritual meeting. Many testimonies were shared. I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. No evidence, no claim, no intellectual war I lose will EVER suede me.

Miracle #3- We had a fantastic exchange this past week! I was in Shelley with Elder Wright and got to experience walking around for the first time in a while! Haha! Luckily, it was 62 degrees outside and sunny sunny sunny! It was a day of patience and perseverance. I'm glad I had the opportunity to grow in that department. :)

Miracle #4- Being on a mission is a miracle! I've been able to find TONS of joy lately! I had an experience that I thought was profound as well. So, the whole week I had done pretty good. I exercised every morning and had been eating very healthy foods. As a result, I felt the spirit, I felt good and I felt happy! Then, Sunday rolled around. It was Fast Sunday so dinner was a bit of a feast. After fully enjoying the food, I felt muggy and gross! I felt like I couldn't focus and I didn't feel nearly as confident! The contrast was undeniable. When we take care of our temples, God blesses us. When we don't, we lose those blessings and that connection. My invitation to everyone is to not only take care of our spiritual being through scripture study, prayer, service and church attendance but to make your physical health a LONG LASTING and eternal priority. God has great things in store for those who truly LIVE the Word of Wisdom

Friday, February 6, 2015

2/2/2015..A GREAT family and GREAT hats!!!

At the Smiths! Our former WML in one of our wards! It was a sad day when he got released but we are excited for the future!
 Best discovery ever!!!

2/2/2015..Short but Sweet

My Week in Review: What a week....... MAN! Alright, the success and miracles started on Monday, convenient right??? ;)

Monday: It was amazing! We had 4 lessons that evening! We got to teach one of our recent converts and after that, we went to an appointment we had with a family. Once we walked in, Mykal, a 9 year old boy, went up to us and said, "I got my answer, I am getting baptized!" We were dumbfounded and SO happy! Whoo! Then, we went and met with one of our new investigators and she said that she has read the Book of Mormon 3 times, grew up in a Mormon household and wants to be baptized and sealed to her husband. .. Now that is something that we can help with! Haha! Then, we got to teach another wonderful family and then start an exchange with Elders Bregg and Franks. Boom! Amazing day!

MLC: we got to go to Mission Leadership Council and it was so amazing! It is always a great experience to feel the excitement in the mission and to learn from President and Sister Brinkerhoff. Overall, a great experience. :)

Stake Conference: Oh man.... we went to the Saturday Adult Session and the Sunday Session and they were amazing! Pres. Vance, our Stake President, is an AMAZING teacher and a fantastic individual! Also, we got to hear from Elder Webb of the 5th quorum of the seventy. He was fantastic! He talked about how growth never happens without the fire! We've gotta have the heat!

I think that was it! Between all that though, we got to laugh a lot, find a lot of new people to start teaching and see incredible blessings everyday. :) I love you all! Help someone come closer to Christ this week! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

1/26/2015...Working hard

Dear everyone,
This past week was an amazing one!!!
Miracle #1- This past week, we were SO BUSY! We were able to teach 30 lessons! We had appointments out the WAZUU! Also, we found 2 new individuals to start teaching, we have 11 potential investigator families to visit this past week AND Cloe is good to be baptized this coming Sunday! we just gotta teach her a little more and she needs to be interviewed! WHOO! My goodness, I don't think I have ever been so excited to see a pillow every night as I was this past week. Along with that exhaustion comes and INCREDIBLE sense of fulfillment though. In regards to missionary work AND life, hard work is ALWAYS worth it. If we are willing to sweat, persevere and LIVE, we will see Heaven now AND later. :)

Miracle #2- Intervews!! We got to have interviews with our Mission President and his wife. It's moments like that that make me SO grateful I am here. They are SUCH wonderful people. :) I talked with them about what I can do to finish my mission strong and they are just so great at motivating and encouraging you. That's what we all need to do! We should all be ALWAYS EMBARKING on a journey that will bless the lives around us. No matter how isolated or independent you think you are, SERVE. It's worth it! :)

Miracle #3- So, we were in our 3rd Sacrament meeting on Sunday, things weren't looking too good. Not too many of our investigators were gonna come and we were slightly bummed. BUT! The Lord came through! The Ward Mission Leader, Brother Walker came up to us and told us that as he drove around and picked people up for church that morning a woman came up to him and told him that she wanted the missionaries to come and teach her. ....................................................... We were speechless! Heavenly Father has so many "behind the curtain" blessings out there for us! As we are OBEDIENT THANKFUL AND FAITHFUL, we'll see em'. :)

Miracle #4- Being a missionary. I love it! :)