Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/22/2014.. A baptism

 Lisbeth got baptized! It was AMAZING! Elder Olson performed the baptism

Monday, September 15, 2014

9/15/2014..New Companion and a face from home!!!

Everyone at the transfer site and heading out!
A face from HOME...Elder Dart
My new companion! Elder Olson!!! :)

9/15/2014..Bike rides and Member missionaries!!

My week in review: This past week was AMAZING. We were able to have a Zone Training with our 18 missionaries that we serve. Every companionship except one changed so it is practically a different Zone! Overall, it went really well. :) Also, we have a baptism this coming Tuesday! Her name is LIzbeth . She is about 15 and she's excited! Also, Elder Olson and I have really been able to hit the ground running! We have seen So much ward support which really has made the difference. I think that is going to be my number on favorite thing about serving here, THE PEOPLE. They are SO incredible and excited to do missionary work! We had a lesson last night with a LA man and his soon to be wife who is not a member and Brother and Sister Thorne, who came with us were SO wonderful! Bearing testimony, sharing personal experiences. It was a great thing to see! Everyone should do that! ;) Overall though, our WMLs are great, the wards are vibrant and wonderful and thee work is very prosperous, here and in the rest of our zone. It's a win win! I can't imagine leaving! It is going to be a sad day when that does happen. ;) For now though, I'm working on instilling LOTS of new habits and working as hard as I can! It's always fun going to a new area and especially for me, going to a new city! I feel like it is a fresh start and I am VERY motivated to do my absolute best and see all the amazing things happen here in our area. :)

We've got a car too which is pretty fun but we rode our bikes the other day which was INCREDIBLE! :) We were riding along and rode up next to this guy, probably early 20s, Andrew was his name. We started to talk to him and we ended up riding with him for about 2 to 3 miles. He asked all sorts of questions and we answered and taught him about Joseph Smith, our central beliefs and the Book of Mormon. Keep in mind that all of this was done while riding a bike, 3 of us on somewhat of a narrow sidewalk. Achievement? Most definitely! In the end, he told us how to get to his house and we are gonna visit him soon

It's starting to get a little chilly here as well! Hopefully, I can stay close to this car!!!! ;) Other than that, we have some wonderful investigators, there is a potato bar this Thursday in one of our wards, I had some fantastic waffles this past Saturday, Raspberry pie with the members we live with, I vacuumed a little bit this morning, and we are playing basketball, volleyball and all sorts of fun stuff with our Zone today!

Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8/2014..Amazing people and view of Pocatello!!

Everything that the light touches is our area! Except for a whole bunch of it! Haha! This is an amazing view of Pocatello from our area! :)

Myles' Baptism! It was AMAZING! :) Everything went smoothly and he is one is way! This guy really does have a bright future ahead of him! He has a lot of ward support, an awesome dad and a fantastic attitude! GO MYLES!
This is a picture of us and the Borgholthaus', an absolutely AMAZING family here in Pocatello. I love them so much! She has a daughter serving a mission right now and Justin, the one in the second picture holding his brother, Ryan, is leaving in 2 weeks for his mission in Wisconsin! He comes out teaching with us along with his brother, Nathan! They are INCREDIBLE! :D

9/8/2014 Moving to I.F. and record commitments!!!


We actually are having transfers this coming week and guess what!!! I'M LEAVING POCATELLO! I'm not exactly sure how I feel.......... I've made INCREDIBLE memories here but I am very excited for the growth that God has in store for me this coming transfer in........ IDAHO FALLS! AND Elder Abbott is in my zone AND Elder Olson, who I served around for about 5 months is now my companion!! I am UNBELIEVABLY excited!!! I got to see him this past week at a meeting in Idaho Falls! MAN! I'm beyond excited to be his companion. I'm gonna learn so much and we are gonna work so hard! I can just feel the miracles that are out there! Also, I'm close to the temple! Whoo! :)

It really was a wonderful last week in Pocatello though. We are taking a hike for Pday today! AND last week, we played woofleball and volleyball! Also, this past Wednesday was the mission's day to set baptismal dates! Every single companionship! 125! AND we, as a mission set 95! It was INCREDIBLE! 95 more souls on their way to the waters of baptism! Elder Rash and I hadn't committed any of our investigators ALL day and we were on splits pretty much all night, for 3 hrs AND we were both able to commit an investigators of ours, at about 9 o clock to be baptized! Chae and Harmony are their names! We are so excited for them! God is so good. :) Fasting really does work! When we are willing to put in the work, God always rewards us. Also! this past Saturday, we had a baptism! Myles got baptized! He is 11 yrs old, incredible, and it was such a joy to teach him! Pictures will be sent! ;) Also, Sunday was the best! We had 4 of our investigators in one sacrament meeting, Myles got confirmed AND Yvonne, one of our investigators, bore her testimony! She talked about how to her, the church was home and will ALWAYS be home. It was beautiful, simple and amazing. :) That's the way all of our testimonies should be! Simple, heartfelt and meaningful! I love it! :) Other than that, it really was an incredible week. I am SO excited for Idaho Falls! I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go to for once! Whoo! ;)