Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/19/2015..Funny guys!!

Elder Dalling and I! Explanation for that second one: Elder Fontes, the one taking the picture told us to be serious. It was hard and I couldn't stop laughing! HAHA!

1/19/2015..New Companion

Miracle #1- Transfers! That sounds really bad.... I don't mean to say that I did not enjoy the time I spent with Elder Olson. It was a VERY fun 4 1/4 months and the miracles we saw will be things I hope to remember forever. I heard a quote a little while ago that said, "your faith is only as good as your memory." Wow. It makes sense though! If we can't remember faith building experiences, our structure is going to fall because we won't just have a weak foundation, we won't have a foundation! I really built that foundation with Elder Olson AND Elder Dalling is here and we have seen amazing miracles already! Jeremy, an 11 year old boy is going to be baptized on February 20th! We are VERY excited for him! He wasn't really showing a lot of desire BUT all the sudden, he just sparked! Now, he's on 1 Nephi 8, has come to church two times, and is saying his prayers. Awesome kid? yes sir! Elder Dalling is an incredible missionary as well! Very humble, a fantastic teacher, very willing, very fun to work with! I am greatly looking forward to this transfer serving with him and hopefully, a couple more after that because that's all I've got! Haha!
Also, if anybody hasn't already heard the new youth theme, "Embark", go listen to it right now! It's amazing! :)
Miracle #2- Another investigator came to church! My goodness, I was so excited! They were late so I was REALLY on edge for about 10 min BUT all the prayers and hopefulness payed off! Haha! She is gonna be baptized on January 31st! :) Also another investigator came to church! She has only bee once and it was months ago! SHE CAME!
Miracle #3- I went on an amazing exchange with an elder by the name by the name of Elder Pulsipher. It was a great experience! We got to give a blessing, throw a bunch of snow at one another and find a new investigator!
Miracle #4- BEING A MISSIONARY. I have absolutely loved these past couple weeks and months. They've been really hard and really stressful but SO rewarding. :) Obviously, serving a mission isn't a requirement to GET to heaven but it is an excellent way to BRING heaven to earth for 2 years and beyond. )

Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15..Fun with Chezits...and a great family

It shaped like Idaho!!
The Christensens: the family we live with AND Elder Olson and I at the Visitor's Center in front of the Christus!


This week really was an amazing one. :) It was busy.... busy.... busy BUT that is a super good thing! The exhaustion we felt was in line with the happiness we felt. :)
Miracle #1- I got up to date on my journal!!! That's a miracle in and of itself. ;)
Miracle #2- We have 3 investigators in particular that could be baptized in January. We were hoping a praying mightily that they would be able to attend church this Sunday so they could qualify. I spent a good deal of time pleading with Heavenly Father during one of our Sacrament meetings to help this come to pass. Long story short, one of them didn't come but the one that I was less confident about coming, The other one came! The first was sick and in an effort to try and help her come, we went over in between Sacrament meetings and gave her a blessing. It was obvious she wasn't going to come though. As we were driving away, Elder Olson informed me that he had just gotten off the phone with the other's aunt and she said that she was there at the church. She is one step closer to baptism for the 31st! After Elder Olson told me that, I felt like my soul shattered. The joy and happiness that washed over me was something that I'll treasure for a long time. It was amazing. :)

Miracle #3- I had the opportunity to go on exchanges in Shelley! It was an amazing experience. I was with an Elder Harrs, who next transfer will be one of the District Leaders we get to work with. It was an incredible day! It was filled with WORK WORK and more WORK! We had a ward breakfast in the morning, amazing studies before and after that and we got to go out with two people, each of them for 3 hours! These members taught with us and it was a joy to experience! By the time the evening came around, I was exhausted! We planned for the next day and for goals that we are going to accomplish in the future, then exchanged back. Rest assured, I slept well that night. ;)

Miracle #4- We also had the opportunity to take 3 families to the Visitor's Center to watch "Meet the Mormons!" They were all amazing experiences! One of them was a family that was recently baptized and the father's non member brother. They enjoyed it! the next was one of our investigators and her family and boyfriend. There were a lot of people there! We had a great time though and a good discussion afterward! The 3rd one was with another one of our investigators and her family. Man... it was incredible. :) We testified to her afterward that she could be with her late husband of 34 years again someday. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would think about it. Baby steps. :)

Miracle #5- BEING A MISSIONARY! I love it. :)

I love you all as well! Please have an amazing day and share the gospel with someone. There are millions of people that need the joy and peace of Christ in their lives. It's our responsibility to share it with them. :)

WHOO! Remember, It's hard to beat someone who never gives up

Saturday, January 10, 2015

1/5/2015...New years eve fun!!!

1/5/15...More Miracles..even in the laundry!!

This week was incredible! We experienced a beautiful spectrum of amazing experiences. It was full and wonderful!
Miracle #1- Our investigator is progressing very well! we have taught her 3 times and she is going to be baptized on January 31st @ 11 o clock. Save the date! Haha! We will be taking her to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's Center this upcoming Tuesday which is going to be excellent as well. We have some girls in the ward that we are going to introduce her too. Man.... She's gonna make it! :)

Miracle #2- We went on exchanges this past week! I went with Elder Franks! He is from South Carolina. He has been out just over 5 months and is AWESOME! Man.... Heavenly Father has MIRACLES in store for exchanges! we were happy and the day was just brimming with happiness! we had 6 lessons, one of which was a blessing and we had such a wonderful ongoing conversation. He had LOTS of questions about different factors of missionary work and together, we came to some wonderful conclusions and I am very much looking forward to following up with him on the goals we set. GO SOUTH CAROLINA!

Miracle #3- We had an amazing lesson with another family. She told us she wants to be baptized! The only thing is that because of the standards the Lord has set, they have to be married first. That's the main hurdle we are trying to overcome right now BUT it's looking very hopeful. :) Right now, they have a marriage date for June 10th, 20 days before I go home but we are seeing if we can't help them make that amazing day come a little sooner. ;) We love them!

Miracle #4- It's warmer! It's 40 degrees outside!!!! ;)

Miracle 35- I had lost my name tag BUT when I was loading my white shirts into the washer, my nametag came tumbling out! I was and AM so happy!!! ;)

Transfers are this upcoming week as well! GAME TIME! ;)

I love you all! There is much happiness and warmth here in Idaho! The people are amazing, the Gospel is perfect and life is a joy. :)

Please share the gospel with someone today! We have to be there for others! be more than just a helping hand instead, be a Savior!!! :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

12/29/2014 CHRISTMAS in both places!!!

12/29/2014...Small and big miracles

Miracle #1- So, I went to the Physical Therapist Christmas Eve at about 2 in the afternoon and as we were returning to our home we got a call from a woman we are teaching.. She is a member but doesn't presently attend. She has got such a good heart though and really wants to come back! She called us in a panic because her niece arrived at her home this morning and after a whirlwind of events, She now has full custody of her 11 year old niece and had no way to provide Christmas (the presents at least) for her. She called us seeking counsel. We told her we would contact the Bishop and see what we could do. Here is the cool part! About 20 min later, we got a call from a man in her ward and he said that he and his family would like to do something nice for someone this Christmas. Our jaws DROPPED. We told him all about the situation, called her and asked about what her niece liked, got that info to this man and BOOM. It all worked out! Also, we've taught the niece 3 times since then and she is going to be baptized on January 24th! :) Heavenly Father works in mysterious and synonymous, beautiful and amazing ways. :)

Miracle #2- We were able to reconnect with an amazing family;  one  is a member, but doesn't attend and his fiance is not a member of the church and they have a 6 month old baby.  They are INCREDIBLE! They've been through a lot lately BUT came to church this past Sunday! AND they stayed for Sunday School. It was REALLY hard for him because he was so uncomfortable being there but he has such a desire to be a better father and someday, husband. They expressed an appreciation for the ward and how nonjudgmental; everybody was. Hopefully miracles will come down on them. :)

Miracle #3- I got to go on exchanges in Shelley! I love that place!!! We were able to find a new person for the elders to teach, teach 5 lessons and invite 2 individuals to be baptized! It was such a CRAZY day going from place to place, walking around in the 15 degree weather and talking with everyone! We even got to play a little basketball. Overall, it was AMAZING. :)

I have loved my stay here so far. :) I am hoping for many more days and miracles to come!