Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3/2014..Elder Bednar is coming!!!

I have a couple of awesome things for ya this week. 

We got to set a baptismal date with a wonderful lady by the name of Tami! Her baptism is scheduled for March 15th and we are so looking forward to working with her! We have an appointment to teach her again tomorrow and are really looking forward to introducing the Plan of Salvation to her. :) She has never before had religion in her life so she has NO pre-conceptions and is very humble. Her husband, who was raised catholic, said, when we invited the both of them to baptized, "I was already baptized." BUT, we are really hoping that through Tami's good example, Frank, her husband will become more interested. :)

2-A little boy named Ashton got baptized! He comes from a tough family situation and is eight years old. We, before his baptism, were able to teach him 3 lessons and give him and his mother blessings. He has a heart condition and is going in for surgery soon I believe. It was absolutely incredible to see him enter into the waters of baptism though and to see the joy on his mother's face.          -we met an amazing guy named Brother T! He used to be a bishop and has since then had really nothing to do with the church. we are teaching him and his wife, who is a less active member of the church. He believes it all though and is so humble, sincere and AWESOME! We love him! We are really looking forward to meeting with him, helping him feel the Holy Ghost and bring the church back into his life. :)
4-Sister Fica is doing so amazing! We were able to meet with her three times this week in just a greatest blur of pure awesomeness ever! We taught her a bunch of Commandments and watch the Prophet of the Restoration DVD with her! If anyone has not seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. :) She is just doing so incredible though and has progressed so quickly and wonderfully. We love them! Yesterday, we got to finish the movie with them, eat lunch, and play fooseball and ping pong! It was fantastic! :)
5-The McCulloughs! They are a part member family that we have been wanting to work with for a really long time. The father is a member, his wife is not and their three children are not either, two of them being baptismal age, 9 and 12. We knocked on their door this week and the mother came out and was INCREDIBLE friendly. She told us that she wants the family to get active again and get her daughters baptized, they want to stop smoking, and take the missionary lessons. We said practically nothing on the doorstep, she just talked and talked and it was like a miracle was taking place. :) We've tried so many times to knock on the door and teach them but it finally worked and BOOYAH! We are very excited! She is already texting us and wanting to set up lessons. :)
6- Elder Bednar is doing a mission tour of the Idaho Pocatello Mission! He will be coming and speaking to us for 3hrs and part of that will be a Q and A! We get to meet and discuss the Gospel with an Apostle!! :D
7- The Dodges, who we are staying with, are kicking us out! ;) Actually, they have been housing missionaries for a while and we are going to move because they need some space. Our housing is staying in the Gibson Jack ward and we are really looking forward to the new family we are going to get to stay with! apparently, they have a tiny little dog! ;)
8-Overall, I love you guys so very much. :) I hope and pray that Moses Lake is doing wonderful and that you're happy and safe. :) If there is ever anything I can do, please let me know. :) I hope you guys have the greatest week ever! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! :)  I love you all SO very much. :) I miss you and wish you the happiest moments and days ever in the history of the universe. :)

Elder Merkley

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