Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/25/2013..Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Baptism!!!

Happy Thankgiving!!!!
I definitely had another wonderful week! It went SO well! :) We have a baptism this coming saturday. This past saturday we were able to finish up all the lessons with him, have lunch with him and his wife and help him hang up his Christmas lights. Man! It was the best! :) We also got to sit by him and his wife during their ward on Sunday! His wife is so happy for him as well. :) Apparently, he has been investigating the church for 20-30 years as him and his wife have progressed through their marriage. It has just been incredible to see him come to the knowledge that this is something he needs and that he has grown to desire it. :) Overall, I really don't feel like I did a lot. I know that it was just his time, that Heavenly Father has been preparing him for this moment and that Elder Abbott and I simply had the honor and opportunity to guide him in the right direction. :) He is such a fantastic guy and I can't wait til he and his wife are sealed for time and all eternity. :)

For Thanksgiving, we are for sure eating with one of our ward mission leaders, maybe one of our investigators and for sure with the  family we are staying with.) If all goes in the foods favor, we could have about 3 or 4 dinners. Crazy! Thank you very much by the way for being proud of me and for everything you said. :) It is so wonderful to have all the support that I do and I know that I am incredibly blessed. I'll try and keep the sunshine flowing. Promise! As for the turkey and pie thing, you can be rest assured that I will eat a bunch. ;) BUT! I'll try and keep it under some kind of control
As for my week, I already said it, but it went wonderfully! There were a couple rough patches where some appointments fell through and we weren't sure where to go BUT it always turned out ok. Also, this week, I finished my training! Whoo! Now, we only have 1 hour of companionship study instead of 2 hrs. Elder Abbott is very excited about that. We got to spend a good deal of time up at the cabin this week. We stained a whole bunch of boards and we helped put some walls in. It has been so awesome! Also, I found out that one of our Bishops, served his mission in Italy! AND for Christmas Dinner we are going over there to have an Italian FEAST that he does every year. Apparently, it is absolutely amazing and I am so excited! I'm also gonna ask him everything I can think of about Italy! We were able to teach A LOT this week as well. We had a bunch of lessons, we finished up teaching a guy and had his baptismal interview AND we got to talk to our friend! We dropped by one night and he and his dad were home! If I haven’t mentioned before, his dad is less active We got to check up on his Book of Mormon reading, give him 3 Nephi 11 to read, bear testimony that he will always be able to find his answer through prayer and scripture study and that Heavenly Father loves him so much. :) It went really well and it was incredible to have the dad there as well. Hopefully, as he progresses toward baptism, that will spark something in the dad and he will start coming to church more. We'll be praying for him! :) Also, we are meeting with a new investigator today! She is dating one of the members in one of our wards and she came to Pocatello and decided to look for a church and this is where she was guided to! The other day, we had a pancake breakfast at 8 in the morning and she came and we met her and then she came to church the next day and we got to schedule a visit for today! We are so excited! :) Other than that, this week has been pretty darn chilly, 17 degrees at the coldest, we also got to see a lot of deer, have district pictures because quite a few people are getting transferred, we got to super clean our room and polish our wooden furniture, and we ate like kings! Seriously, it's been crazy! ;) But, the week was wonderful and we are looking forward to another great transfer, week, and more amazing times in Pocatello! I hope you have the best week ever! I love you guys so much! Be safe! :)

Elder Merkley

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