Saturday, November 2, 2013

10/28/2013...Smiling and Painting fire hydrants

This week was absolutely amazing! So different, so adventurous  so loud and funny, and SO wonderful! Man....... Ahhh! My new area is WAY up in the hills at Pokie! We cover 6 wards and our area is HUGE!  I hope you are all enjoying the leaves! They are amazing here! Just everywhere! When we get the chance to walk on the sidewalks we spend quite a bit of time kicking them around! Haha!

 My companion is from St. George, Utah! Crazy right?! It's so funny though because EVERYONE here knows where Moses Lake is, one of our Bishop's parents or something was a Merkley and an awesome lady in one of our wards maiden name is Merkley! So, we say we are all related! Haha! But, my companion is absolutely amazing! We get along really well and we spend a lot of time just singing and having a blast!

 The work here is so good, the leaders are awesome and there is so much potential! They are all family wards which is so different for me! But, I am sincerely enjoying the experience! Teaching 11 yr olds is quite different a little intimidating! Haha! In one of our wards yesterday, I got to get up and speak to the primary about missionary work and invite them to be missionaries to their friends and my heart was beating pretty fast! Haha!  Luckily, we have a car as well. Which is wonderful too because we would never be able to get around without it! I promise I am enjoying life as well. :)

Thank YOU for your emails! They mean the world to me! I'm glad that some of the lessons I have been learning can benefit you all back home. :) You may have noticed, but I've had a pretty good week as well! We got to help a guy with his eagle project painting fire hydrants around town and it was so fun! It took forever but the best part is we got to spend pretty much the whole time with his non member little brother. So we goofed around with him painting fire hydrants for a while and then we invited him to church and..... he came! AND, apparently  he went to the bishop after sacrament and asked to be baptized! Crazy right?! But, we didn't know that! That night, we got to have a lesson with him and his family that we had scheduled earlier in the week and we invited him to be baptized and he was quite enthusiastic and said yes! His mom is Less active so she was a little unsure about it all but Elder Abbot and I are SUPER excited for everything that is going to come from that amazing little guy! His date is for November 30th!

 Also, we got to set a baptismal date with another investigator! He knows EVERYTHING about the Gospel from dates to doctrine! What a guy! So, we went in there and taught him in a member's home and we started the Restoration and after we had asked some questions and established a good foundation we invited him and it's a go! His response was, "Well, I wouldn't be baptized into a church that didn't have the Proper authority!" and "I better get reading!" because he has been coming to church steadily for about 2 months and he and his friend are having a Book of Mormon reading contest and he is gonna try and win! Man, he is so awesome and so prepared! But, his date is for Nov 16th and he is gonna make it! We are so excited for him! All of this happened yesterday too!

 Man, we feel so blessed and humbled. :) Overall, this week has just been full of meeting with stake leaders, ward leaders, receiving referrals and trying to contact them and so much driving around! Man, it has been the best! I'm not used to having an area this big so it's just wonderful! We are so excited for these coming weeks, getting to know SO many new people, continuing to hasten the missionary work in this area and also, helping the members get even more excited than they already are! Exciting things are happening in Pocatello! Haha!

 This week, I have definitely learned the amazing effect that a smile and a happy attitude can have. :) As Elder Abbot and I have tried to be excited, lift one another up and just be the happiest we can be, we have seen miracles and Heavenly Father has blessed us through our diligence. :) I know that we were meant to be happy! Trials will come but it's all about our attitude and reaction! We can choose to let them get us down and we allow ourselves to STAY down OR we can get right back up and fly higher than we were before! That is my invitation you everyone, to fly higher than ever before! Read the scriptures, pray, stay close to Heavenly Father and SMILE and the blessings will come. :)

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