Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/2013..Drinking syrup and trying to move cars!!

I am in the Pocatello 2 area which makes up the Gibson Jack, Indian Hills, Cedar Hills, Mink Creek, Arbun, Johny Creek, and Juniper Hills wards. It truly is up in the hills and on the west side of the tracks where there are SO many trees! ;) The cabin has been going so well! We have gotten to spend a LOT of time up there and have loved it! It's been hard but definitely worth it! The Sister (the only non-member in her family) has really LOVED seeing it go up! She has been getting so excited and the fact that Elder Abbott and I have been able to be a part of that has just brought us so much joy. :) Anyways, she is doing really well! We taught her and her family a lesson this past week and we got to talk about Elder Dube's talk "Look ahead and Believe" It was so good, so spiritual and we even talked about temples for a while which was incredible! 

We get fed every day of the week by members! ;) On P-Days we don't have dinners scheduled but we try to schedule a dinner and a lesson appointment with one of the people we have been teaching and helping and that's what we have tonight! ;) But, you can rest assured that we are eating VERY well. Maybe even a little too well. ;)
As for other things that have happened this week....... I drank some syrup! Haha! We were over at our Bishop's house and he was holding his little son and he was walking to the table with a pitcher of what I thought was grape juice and I walked over and took it from him and went forward to pour glasses of grape juice before we started dinner. Well..... I quickly discovered that the "grape juice" didn't really look like grape juice. Being a little confused, I drank some! And I was right! It wasn't grape juice! Haha! But, I thought, that because I had already poured some in the cup, I mind as well just drink the rest. So, I did! It actually wasn't that bad! I don't really wanna do it again, but it made for a funny story I think! Haha! Also, I made a total fool of myself last night! We stopped this man's house whose wife is a member but he is not. We had a good talk with him on the porch and he told us to come back some time. We are definitely planning on going by this coming week! :) If only the story stopped there though. ;) After that, I was being a bit of a goofball and I was behind the car as Elder Abbott was driving. I was telling him to back it up so we could get out of the driveway BUT he was being stubborn and wouldn't! He was trying to go forward! So, I was trying to grab on the back of the car and fruitlessly, pull it backward (basically just making myself look like a dork! ;)) Little did I know that Matt, the guy we had just talked to, was watching from the window the whole time! Haha! Eventually, I looked up, waved and he walked off and I got into the car. Oh man..... It was awesome. ;)
This week truly has been incredible though! We got to meet a new investigator! He isn't a member but we are working with him and his wife so that he can come to know of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and gain that happiness that comes along with it! He is such an amazing guy! He has incredible faith in Jesus Christ. He KNOWS that his redeemer lives. :) I was strengthened in my own faith just by talking to him! After our lesson, we got to help him try and find his bible too because he has been having some medical problems recently. Alas, we couldn't find it. But, overall, we had such a wonderful time with him and his wife. :) They're just the best!
 We got to spend a lot of time up at the cabin too building the house which was awesome! It's really taking shape and it looks incredible! Right now, it's just a lot of lifting a nailing. By small and simple things, great things come to pass though right? ;) We also are working with a man who was baptized when he was younger but never moved up through the Priesthood. He is so awesome! His wife is great too! We are really hoping that we can help him take those steps, come back to church, get the priesthood and eventually, marry his wife in the temple! He is a pretty old guy too so we just love em that much more! ;)
 Oh! Guess what! I finished the newest ensign this week too! I read through all the talks and absolutely loved it! :) If I can recommend talks to read, definitely read "Hastening the Lord's game plan", "You Can Do it Now" and "Look Ahead and Believe." Oh! And any talk that President Monson gave! His were so amazing! :) I know that we have living Prophets and Apostles today that lead and guide this church and that receive revelation from Heavenly Father for us! :) As we listen to their words and head their counsel, we WILL be blessed! :) Overall, that was my week though! It was an amazing one! I hope all of you guys have an incredible week, lots of joy and happiness and that the weather stays nice! ;) I love and miss you! :)

Elder Merkley

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