Monday, November 4, 2013

11/4/2013...Grape football and enjoying our blessings

This week has been so amazing. :) and to get yours and everyone’s emails is like the icing on the cake. It's weird, emails and news don't make me miss home super super bad but they just kinda put me at peace somehow. It's weird! ;) But, thank you so much for the updates! I told Elder Abbot that I approach emailing like a really spiritual experience. I even say a prayer before I read or write...... ;) Don't make fun of me though! Haha! Anyways, thank you for everything! I'm so glad things are going well! I have absolutely loved and adored working in a home ward with all these kids and everyone from age 8-88. It's just been such a good experience! I can definitely add my testimony to that! I KNOW that member missionary work WORKS and that as we, whether we be youth or adults try to involve those around us, all that will come from those efforts is happiness, peace and blessings. Other people NEED what we HAVE. :) and if we truly love our friends and neighbors, as we have been commanded to, we will share our gifts with them.

 We got to set another baptismal date this week as well. He's about 50 years old. He is the most active non member ever! His wife is a member and he has been coming forever and he even pays tithing. Crazy, I know! The thing for him is that he has never felt the spirit manifest to him that being baptized is the right decision. But, we got to go over there and teach the restoration to him and his wife and the spirit was SO strong. We were able to bear testimony of a lot of things and then extended the invitation. At first, he didn't think that it was his time but we talked a little longer and then he agreed that if he gained that spiritual manifestation and came to know that these things were true, he would be baptized on December 14th! :) We love him! He is just so awesome and we learned a lot about the power of the spirit and the power of prayer. As we pray for our friends, family and loved ones, we will see the miracles that only our Heavenly Father can bring about. I know that's true!

As for other things we got to enjoy this week... it snowed this morning! I have pictures but I wanted to let you know in words how excited I was! Ahhhh! It was pretty exciting. ;) Also, we played some football with grapes this week! We were having lunch and he hiked me a grape just like they do in the NFL and I caught it in my mouth! We were so pumped that it actually worked! Also, before that, we had a contest to see who could throw the most grapes into their mouth kinda like you do with popcorn and the thing was is we couldn’t take any of them out once we caught them so they built upon one another! It was crazy! I think that Elder Abbott got seven and I got eight. It was really hard when the last grapes were coming around!

Also, we taught a LOT this week and we helped build a house! A log cabin nonetheless! It was so crazy seeing one of those go up and even better getting to be a part of it. We have done more service this week than ever! Basically, it was a lot of singing, lots of lifting and lots of fun! It was the best! Also, I got to read the new ensign this week! Man, I love it! :) Also! If you have the chance, you should read the best is yet to be by Elder Holland. Easily one of my very favorite talks ever. :) It was really amazing because there was a morning that we were just driving along and I found it in the side of the car and it was exactly what I needed. :)
Oh! One more thing! I got to meet a Dinosaur Doctor this week! Not really.... he's a Periodontics. He is a dentist that specializes on gums and bone work I think. BUT! The coolest part is I got to ask him every single question that I wanted to! I was asking him all about dental school, being a dentist, what his favorite things were, what his work load is like, about the different fields, about colleges and what it was like being married during dental school and everything and having a family! PS- he was a member and we were having dinner at the time. ;)) It was such a cool experience and it got me even more excited for all of that exciting stuff to come! And, I know that the best thing that I can be doing NOW to prepare for all of THAT is being on a mission! I absolutely love Pocatello! From the people to the crazy weather to the food to the mountains! It's amazing!
 To everyone, I wish you all the best! Please try to find time during the week to take a step back and enjoy everything that our Heavenly Father has given us. Life is so crazy and we are all constantly being thrown from right to left. BUT, we can find a lot of peace amidst our struggles if we just take the time to take a step back and love what Heavenly Father has done for us. :) Again, I love you all! Have the best week ever!

Elder Merkley

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