Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/2013...No Failures..just delays of success!!!

This week we weren't able to set another baptismal date with anyone BUT, one of our investigators moved his date up to November 29th! After talking with his brother in law, who is a bishop, he decided that he shouldn't wait and if this is something he wants, he should do it now instead of waiting and giving satan more time to work on him. Also, he will have a bunch of family in time on that day following Thanksgiving. We are SO excited for him! We were so surprised too! Heavenly Father truly does reward us according to our diligence and efforts. No matter what, if we keep pressing forward through the dark and the light, we will be able to find our way out because the greatest guide of all, even Jesus Christ himself is guiding us. :) As we keep trucking along and keep trying, we WILL be blessed! I know that with all my heart. :)

 Also, I got to bless the sacrament for the first time in quite a while yesterday! It was wonderful. :) Also, we got to take two of our investigators to a play at one of the local stake centers called, "Book of Mormon Portraits." It was so wonderful. :) Their testimonies of Christ and the Book of Mormon were inspiring and Elder Abbot and I hope with all our hearts that the messages shared touched our wonderful friend's hearts. 

Also, just in case you were wondering, we were fed like KINGS this week. My goodness...... it gets kinda crazy sometimes! ;) Also, I got to go on exchanges this week with my district leader! We got to visit a couple people and got to teach a lesson to a wonderful woman. She isn't a member of the church but has a LOT of questions. We got to teach her the Word of Wisdom and after that we got into a REALLY good discussion. A big fear that she had and still has is that if she decides to make the decision and be baptized and it turns out this really isn't the true Church, what happens then? She is very sincere but at the same time, very scared of dedicating herself to any church for the fear that it isn't the right decision. It was so wonderful talking to her. :) She truly is an honest seeker of truth and we were able to testify to her that Heavenly Father WILL help her. He will never leave her in the dark without a way to contact him. Elder Solorio (my district leader) shared an incredible story and I was able to bear testimony of what was said. In the end, she agreed to pray and also go on a church tour to familiarize herself with the church building and the environment there. I wasn't able to go but I really hope it was an incredible experience for her! It was an incredible opportunity to be able to sit in on that lesson, feel the spirit and be a part of that.The spirit is so wonderful, so powerful and God cares for all of  us so much. I hope and pray that as she continues her search and prays about what Heavenly Father wants her to do that she will be enlightened and cared for. It really was an incredible experience

other than that, we were able to teach a lot of lessons this week, drive around a LOT and we had an incredible Sunday!  Also, we got to teach a segment in Gospel Doctrine on Missionary work. I ABSOLUTELY loved having that opportunity. It was fantastic to be able to bear witness of the divinity and importance of this great work that our Heavenly Father wants us all to be engaged in. :)

 This place is wonderful! The members are great, the area is beautiful, the opportunities are everywhere and the spirit is strong. Even when I was struggling a little here and there with being tired or being discouraged because nothing seemed to be going right, Heavenly Father always came through. :) I know that this is God's work and it always will be. In missionary work, there is not failure just the delay of success. We are led by our Savior and with His guidance and help, we will NEVER lose. :) That principle goes for everyone though! If we allow our Savior to lead our lives and guide our hearts, we will always be heading in the right direction. :) Overall, this week was incredible AND we found out that we are staying in this area! Also, I'm no longer a new missionary! I am technically done with the training program! ;) So that is pretty exciting but this whole week has been exciting! And, we are looking forward to another exciting week! Thank you so much for everything! I love you so much! I'm gonna make you proud mom! :) I hope you have a great week!

Elder Merkley

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