Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/2013....2 Baptisms and a 5 minute bedtime dash (and tumble)

   Oh my goodness golly gracious...... this was easily the BEST week of the entire mission for me! It was absolutely incredible! So spiritual! So wonderful and just so gosh darn fun! We definitely had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We had 2 dinners, one with the Dodges and one with one of our Ward Mission Leaders. It was soooooo good and I was so darn full! ;) To be honest, I've gained a little weight since coming out. NOT A LOT! Just enough so that I've noticed a little. ;) BUT, I have started getting really motivated to exercise. I set goals each night for what I want to do in the morning and I tell myself that I WILL accomplish those goals when I wake up! This morning, I did 110 ab exercises, 55 push ups and 80 curls of 20 lbs. It was awesome! I'm starting out kinda slow so I don't burn myself out and I also have a jump rope! Needless to say, I am very very excited about it and I promise I will come back in even better shape than when I left!

I got a couple awesome stories for ya this week! :) First off, the baptisms went incredible. They were so spiritual, so wonderful and just such a good experience. Seeing the light enter into Brother Axline and Patrick's eyes as they made that step just made every little struggle worth it. :) Also, to see Sister Axline just cry and cry from happiness as her husband entered the waters of baptism made my heart swell 10,000 times! In both baptisms, we got to give a spiritual message and bear our testimonies and I loved it! Wanna hear the funny part though? After our first baptism, which ended at 4:30, someone pulled the plug to the fount..... Which takes 2 1/2 to 3 hrs to fill.... and we had another baptism at six...... ;) SO! I take my shoes and socks off and roll up my pants and walk into the water (there was only about an inch left) and put the plug in, we immediately turn the water back on and we end up bucketing water in as fast as we can from the mens and womens restroom! We did that for about an hr and a half and it was CRAZY! I was super excited though just to have the story! ;) Then, when it was about 6:05, we stopped, let the water run a little longer, then shut it off and it was all good! It was actually really incredible and quite the miracle. :) Heavenly Father always provides a way and He loves us so much. :) on Sunday too, they were both confirmed and I got to be in the circle! :) Then, we had testimony meeting and they both bore their testimonies, along with Brother Axline's wife and Patrick's non member mother. In short, best testimony meeting ever. :) Then, we got to have dinner with the Axlines and Patrick and talk to them both about the Priesthood, then go over to a less active's house and teach him and his mother (he is working on going to church again and being sealed to his daughter) and it was just an incredible incredible day. :) Man, best weeked ever. :)

Another really funny story! Ok, so we got home, talked with the Dodges for a while and then, we went downstairs to get ready and go to bed. So, it was about 10:25 and we had to be in bed by 10:30 so I ran past Elder Abbott and said, "Elder! It's almost 10:30, we gotta GO!" And lone behold, there was a very large T.V. that I forgot about in the hallway. AND I tripped over it. And I fell, and dropped/threw everything and it hurt...... A LOT. In fact, I'm walking with a limp right now! ;) BUT! On the bright side, it was fantastic and incredible funny! ;) But don't worry, I'm more than ok. :)

Other than those crazy things, the week was just so full of teaching, singing cabin building, window putting in, drinking powerade, playing basketball, eating food and laugh laugh laughing! ;) Anyways, I hope you're having the best week ever! 

 As an invitation, please look for an opportunity where you can spread the Christmas Spirit to someone in need. There are always people out there who need a little bit more and I can promise nothing but joy when you CHOOSE to be the deliverer of what they need. :)
Love you all! Cya later!

Elder Merkley

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