Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/27/2014..The Tin Man and Our church is so cool!!


My week in review: Oh man...... picture the best week EVER and place that week in Idaho and you will get a good feel for what my week was like! P-Day was AMAZING! We had a surprise birthday party for one of the Sisters in our zone! We had donuts, played basketball, soccer and wrote letters! It was SO much fun! On Tuesday, we had an absolutely incredible meeting with the other Zone Leaders in Idaho Falls and the Assistants. It was an emergency COUNCIL OF WAR as Moroni would say. We talked a lot about the mission, where we are at and what we are going to DO to grow and grow and GROW! Overall, it was an amazing and very inspiring discussion. A lot of ideas were thrown around and I feel very strongly that we can expect more amazing things here in Idaho in the coming months. Also, on Tuesday, Elder Olson and I were privileged to conduct 2 baptismal interviews for a boy and girl getting baptized Saturday1 They passed with flying colors! Then, we RACED back to Idaho Falls because we had previously been asked to speak in one of our wards Young Woman and Excellence thing. Basically, the theme was the Wizard of Oz so I got to dress up as the Tin Man and we talked about charity and love and tied it back to our Savior. It was pretty much the best experience ever but don't worry! I put my tag on the outside. ;) Also, we got to teach the Browns another lesson! They are AMAZING! :) On Wednesday we had Elder Eldredge, one of the Assistants to the President with us!! AHHHHHHH! It was so wonderful! He had previously served in this area so it was a joy for him to come back and see what was going on first hand! We were able to teach a LOT and have a fantastic discussion about the zone and the mission, where we are at and SPECIFIC things that we are going to do to grow and achieve our goals. It was SO inspiring and a wonderful thing to be a part of. Man, I love being a missionary and being able to do so many cool things. :) There was an elder a little while ago, Elder Gulisane that after he watched Meet the Mormons made the statement, "why is our church so cool?!" He is so right!!!! ;) Basically, it was an AWESOME day for the three of us! Elder Eldredge himself said it was one of the best days of his mission! WHOO! :) Thursday was awesome as well! We were able to teach a bunch of great people and also weekly plan! Whoo! Also, we found a new family to start teaching! :) Friday was CRAZY! So, we taught our investigator family every night this past week I believe. We got through all the lessons and made it to tithing. We expected a little hesitancy just because they don't make a lot of money as it is. And, we were right. We walked out of the lesson openly accepting the possibility that they weren't going to be baptized this month. BUT, the next day we brought the Bishop with us and he promised them that the FLOODGATES would open if they paid their tithing, not just the windows but the floodgates. It was an amazing thing to be a part of. The spirit was tangible and they are getting baptized this coming Wednesday! They passed their interviews and it was announced in Sacrament meeting! :) ALSO! The father has asked me to baptize him and Elder Olson is going to baptize  one of the daughters! Sigh.... best thing ever. :) We also took a Preach My Gospel questionnaire this past week! PMG is the best! :) Also, we had to give a bunch of missionary information! I have had 12 companions and been in 5 areas! WOW! Basically, the whole day was great! On Saturday we went to a baptism in our zone which was wonderful1 Also, we were able to meet with one of our investigators. She is gearing up to be baptized in November! She has so much faith and wants to change SO bad. Her determination is very admirable! Sunday was great too! We were able to teach a recent convert . We watched Finding Faith in Christ with him. It was awesome! Also, we met with 2 of our investigators. They are progressing well! She even performed in the Primary Program and he came to church for the first time in quite some time! Everything is just falling into place and we are standing in the middle of it dancing in the miracles! It's the BEST! :) God is so good and is so kind and loving. :) This upcoming week, we have baptisms as well as Halloween and our Missionary Leadership Counsel! It is going to be the best week ever as well! :) I love you all! Be safe, listen to the spirit, laugh and have fun! :)

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