Monday, November 3, 2014

11/3/2014..BAPTISMS and a hurt back!!!

This past week has been a crazy blur of awesomeness! I experienced something I've never experienced before too! Turns out, I have a stretched nerve in my lower back! It isn't correlated with any sort of strenuous activity I did, just that I slept on it wrong! But, overall, it's doing some crazy things to my right leg. On the plus side, I got to visit with a Physical Therapist and he basically turned me into a pretzel! It worked though! It was SO cool! Physical Therapy is incredible!!!! :) I should be healed up soon! Cross your fingers! Also, I got to take a nap this past P Day. Up to this point in my mission I hadn't really ever slept on a P Day. My goodness...... it was Heaven! It was SO nice! Also, one of our wards had a Chili Night Halloween Party this past Tuesday! It was SO much fun! I met some amazing people and we were led to 2 or 3 more families to start visiting. The members are absolutely incredible! They are so supportive and they make you feel like a celebrity as a missionary! Haha! Also, Bryan and Isabella Brown were baptized this past Wednesday! My goodness.... it was SO amazing! The spirit was strong, they were a little anxious but all went well! Bryan who has a terrible fear of water was especially moved. We got out of the font and he gave me a huge hug and this is a super tough guy right here! He broke down and was so happy to be clean, FINALLY! Man.... it was an experience I hope I never forget. :) Also, Isabella's baptism was wonderful! She has been waiting for it for quite some time and we're glad she finally got to partake of baptism! :) Also, we had MLC on Friday! It was so exciting! It is always a pleasure to be with our Mission President and all the other missionaries from around the mission. So many amazing comments and revelation flows so wonderfully. :) Also, We had Halloween that night! We watched Tarzan and Frozen! It was my second time seeing Frozen on my mission! Haha! Tarzan is THE BEST! Overall, it was a super fun night! I don't think anything too exciting happened on Saturday other than we found out one of our investigator's mothers is coming in town in 2 weeks so it is likely she will be baptized at that time! Whoo! Also, another family that we are teaching have all agreed to be baptized on Nov 29th! MAN! Best day ever!! :) And, three days after that, we get to go and see the Axlines be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. :) Highlight of my mission right there! :) Sunday was wonderful too! The Browns were confirmed and Fast and Testimony Meetings are ALWAYS good! Overall, it was a pretty fantastic week. :) A little opposition here and there but we've definitely been able to keep our heads above water and beautiful things are happening. :)

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