Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/20/2014..baptisms ahead!!

My week in review: This past week was absolutely incredible! It was so BUSY and SO long in the best possible way!!!
Highlight 1- We took a family on a church tour and they are progressing well towards their baptism on Oct 29th @ 4 o clock! The father was not able to come to church this past week because of some very serious sickness BUT they've been reading the Book of Mormon and praying as a family! SO GOOD! Also, his wife and their two daughters came to church this past week and took notes for him! The Church Tour was SO powerful though! We walked through the chapel, showed them the Relief Society Room, the Primary Room AND the baptismal font! It's gonna happen and it is going to be incredible! This is just the beginning though! Our Zone is ON FIRE! Everyone is working hard and miracles are EVERYWHERE! These missionaries are incredible and I appreciate them so much! Missionary work is a work that brings SO much joy, fulfillment and happiness! To EVERYONE I invite them to help others find the light of the Gospel! There is not work as rewarding! It is beautiful and celestial and worth every minute of fear and or doubt! Please go forward with faith!!!!

Highlight 2- We were able to meet with another family! We asked them how church was and the mother said that it was long overdue and she is ready. The very next moment, the son asked about his baptism and when it was going to happen! WOW! They are so ready and so excited! It broke my heart to visit with them. They have had such a hard life, they NEED this so bad. I pray that nothing gets in their way. They will be baptized on Nov 30th! :)

Highlight 3- I invite everyone in the whole wide world to take notes during Sacrament meeting! Record the impressions that come to your mind and your heart! I did that during 3 wards this past Sunday and it was AMAZING. So many beautiful and personal things came to mind. I was able to find solace, comfort and answers. :) It may not always be easy but it is ALWAYS worth it!

Highlight 4- We had a really cool experience with another family! We were at our WML's home eating dinner and afterward, we went to contact him. He wasn't there but there were some guys on the other side of the street. So, we went and talked to them! They were everything but receptive and it was not an enjoyable experience. BUT! It was what we needed because right after that, because we spent 5 to 10 minutes talking to them, it gave the other Brother time to bike up and we started talking with them, eventually his wife and kids got home, and we shared a message with them! Through adversity comes the beauty of miracles!!! :)

Cool quotes that I recorded this past week:

"A necessary and wonderful principle of God's plan is progression. That's why we need to come to church so that we can receive a weekly catalyst furthering our progression. Change, righteous change, is impossible without the spirit."

"a cool and calm demeanor in times of panic and stress is the functional equivalent or a spirit filled state of mind."

'Honest and righteous laughter amidst struggles is a symbol of tremendous spiritual strength."

"Deep and abiding love for oneself stems from a sincere love of God and fellow men."

Missionary work is the best!!! Life is so GOOD! LOVE YOU ALL! :)

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