Sunday, October 5, 2014


My week: Things have been so amazing!!! We found a new investigator yesterday! We had just gotten out of a stake meeting and we went to go and contact somebody and they were home! They invited us in and after talking to them, we found out that he was baptized about a month ago and his wife, wasn't! BUT, she's taken the lessons and wants to get baptized! Also, they have 2 kids! It really was a miracle. :) Also, we got to walk around in the rain!!! ;) Mmmm... also! Yesterday evening, we had the chance to go and visit a family we have been visiting for a while. Everyone is active in the family except a step son they have, who is not baptized. We've been teaching the whole family the lessons and yesterday, we had a breakthrough moment with them! We got to give him a blessing. We talked a lot about the priesthood and he expressed how in the past he has been in environments where he felt evil spirits. After talking a little bit more, like I said, we gave him a blessing and it was absolutely incredible. :) Elder Olson gave a powerful blessing. The spirit in the room was tangible. :) We are looking forward to more amazing things moving forward! Also, we had the chance to meet with our Mission President and the other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders around the mission! It was FANTASTIC! We talked about a lot of different things and of course, where we are at with our goals and what we can do to move forward with even more direction! Overal, it was SUPER inspiring and we can expect great things! :) Also, we met two AMAZING women! Both of them are very well versed in the Bible and we have had some very lively discussions with them! We are looking forward to teaching them! :) Overall, I love it here. With all my heart and soul! AND I just saw and talked to Elder Dart again! It is so good having him here!I love you guys so much!!! Have a fantastic week!!! :)

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