Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/2014..Staying in Pokie..Frozen and Awesome meetings

I have OFFICIALLY been reassigned to the Idaho Pocatello Mission and am VERY happy about it!! I love it here!!! i know that this is the right decision for me. :) I took some time to think about it and pray about it and I know that God needs me here. I've learned a lot in the past 11 months about humility, trusting in God and recognizing His hand in my life. I know that THAT was what I needed to learn and I've got more learning experiences coming my way. Overall, it's OK. It's all about HOW you serve not WHERE you serve and I'm needed here :)

This past week was VERY good! We had an AWESOME council meeting in Idaho Falls with President Brinkerhoff and a whole bunch of other missionaries from around the mission. We talked about a lot of awesome stuff: Helping the mission progress, helping the missionaries, broadening our vision, what needs to  be improved upon, etc. AND we had a delicious lunch while we were there! Overall it was an AWESOME  afternoon! It has been VERY VERY hot lately! 101 degrees on Sunday!Whoo! AND we've gotten to walk around all day and enjoy this wonderful heat! Don't worry, I'm cracking out the sunscreen! Haha! Also, on thursday, we had a Zone Training! Our whole Zone got together and we discussed what was brought up during the council and what WE need to do to improve and grow and reach the bar that is being set by God. It was AWESOME. Elder Adkins gave a training on Unity and I gave a training on Personal Accountability. I loved the topics! We all need to be unified! With God, the Spirit, our families, our friends, all moving together in the right direction! AND to help us all get there, we need to hold ourselves personal accountable. We can't always wait on those around us to follow up with us, we NEED to be following up with ourselves, setting goals for ourselves and moving forward! I invite you all to establish goals for yourselves! Work to achieve them and see God work miracles in your lives!

The 4th of July...... SO MUCH FUN! We woke up, did some stuff, wrote some letters, went to the mall, came back, got changed, went to a BBQ where we played volleyball with water balloons, kickball, ultimate
Frisbee, had burgers, played the guitar and just had a grand time! Then, we drove up to our apartment, got changed again and GUESS WHAT!!! WE got to watch Frozen!!!!! Best movie ever! I absolutely loved it! It was so good, funny and just plain fun!!! Man...... it was the best. Also, we got to play some AWESOME basketball before and after the movie and then, went to a baseball field and watched the fireworks and then Elder Adkins and I went home. Man, it was such an amazingly fun day. The whole week has just been so wonderful! Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and care, it is much appreciated and I can feel it! :)

I am expecting another fun filled week of lessons, struggles and amazing adventures! I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week! :)

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