Thursday, July 31, 2014

7/28/2014...Hard at work and play

My week in review: Man.... there is too much to talk about..... well, to start off..... I got a waterballoon thrown at me by a little girl. I won't lie.... I was a LITTLE angry BUT I got over it. ;) It was at a youth activity by the way and we were trying to find someone to come to a lesson with us. ;) Oh! This past P Day we got to go to a place called Randy's Extreme! It was.... EXTREME! It was full of dodgeballs, trampolines, foam pits and everything fun that anybody would want to enjoy. ;) ALSO, we got to help a lady move on Tuesday! She was very grateful. It was a testimony to me of how much service really does help soften people's hearts and help move the work forward. :) Also, this has been the BEST week of my whole mission in terms of eating healthy and working out! It was FANTASTIC and as a result, I feel.... FANTASTIC! ;) Also, we got to see the Axlines this past week! They took us to Pizza Pie Cafe which is INCREDIBLE!
 Also, I know it's a little late... but I set mission goals! It feels so good to have them written down. This next year is going to be a year of accomplishment and growth. I can feel it! :) Also, we found a new investigator today!  She has a daughter, her husband is a LA member and she is so ready to learn! She has talked to missionaries in the past and has had some experience with the church. We are hoping and praying that she will be able to progress. :)  Also, we found a new family that we are hoping to teach a little more! I'm not sure what their last name is. They are INCREDIBLE. They are catholic and he is a VERY intellectual guy and likes to look at every detail. It makes for interesting discussions! Also, we got to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with some other Elders this past Thursday as part of a celebration/final outing because two of them go home today! Man.... it's so crazy. I'm gonna miss them! Their names are Elder Beebee and Elder Palfreyman. They have been amazing examples to me though.

Elder Merkley

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