Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7/21/2014..Busy and happy!

My week in review:  2 of our investigators also committed to be baptized! One is 12, crazy and like the Broncos and the other is single, has a dog and loves the church with all her heart. I love them! It is going to be incredible to continue to work with them! Also, I got to go on exchanges with Elder Palfreyman this past week. He is going home in a week so we set after mission goals and had an absolutely amazing day!! Also, Elder Bertoch and I got to go to a baptism in Blackfoot for a man that we taught way back when. We also got sandwiches and pistachio fruit salad. 
Our zone is doing really well! I feel so gosh darn good when they succeed and when they are happy! It's wonderful to see their success. Also, I have officially hit my year mark and as a result of a new countdown beginning, I have a new found motivation to work harder, longer and smarter! Things are going awesome! Also, we have transfers this coming week so that will be exciting to see what happens.
I got to have an awesome experience. I was in Elder Bertoch's area and we went and saw this awesome lady who isn't a member that we met with quite a bit but since then had not met with them very much. We got in, had a great talk with her AND she came to church the next day! I hope and pray that she can continue to see how good the Gospel is and would be for her. She needs it. :) 
Also, we got to go to the Temple and to Olive Garden in Idaho Falls! Although Olive Garden was good, without a doubt, the Temple was better. ;) It was so beautiful, sacred and serene. It was my 2nd time going through that temple and the experience was unparalleled. :) I hope and pray that I will be able to return again and again. 
 Also, we got to play soccer and Frisbee with Elders Palfreyman and Bertoch, Jeff and Raymond (2 of our investigators), Jason Olsen and his brother (super stalwart member in Elder Bertoch's area) and two young men from our area. It was AWESOME! We even got to share a spiritual thought afterward! Overall, it was an excellent fellowshipping opportunity and a great way to let out some energy! 
 Overall, it's been very hot and this past week was INCREDIBLE! I love being a missionary! I love being a member of this church and I love everything that I am learning every single day! Hope all is well back home! 

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