Thursday, July 3, 2014

6/23/2014...New companion and wonderful mother nature!

My week in review: Oh man... this past week has been so incredible. It had its tough moments but overall, really really fantastic! Our PDay was AWESOME! Our District meeting on Tuesday went really well too! Everyone in the District gave trainings. It was very spiritual and wonderful! And then...... Wednesday was transfer day! Man.... what a whirlwind of awesomeness! We started out by going to the Alameda Stake Center, dragging all my luggage about 3/4 of a mile which was AWESOME and then, we got there and I "met" my new companion, Elder Adkins! After that, we began the process of waiting for Elder Palfreyman, Elder Bertoch's companion! We went and got breakfast and then we went back to the apartment and I started to unpack! Then, after all that, we went back to the transfer site at the Stake Center! We played a little basketball while we waiting and talked with all the missionaries and then..... they arrived! Elder Palfreyman is so awesome! I look up to him so much! He has been an incredible leader in this mission and it is a privilege to serve around him. After that, we all broke off! 

I can't remember exactly what we did that day..... the past couple days have been a whirlwind of phone calls, lots of walking, lots of sun, lots of meeting AMAZING people, some fantastic Sacrament meetings and of course, NONSTOP excitement for my new area! We have a lot of hills but it's wonderful because we walk so much and it's been so sunny, we get to talk to all sorts of people outside their houses, a couple of whom have approved of us returning! God works miracles! Also, I got to sit on a SWEET motorcycle! I can't really remember anything except that it has really high handlebars, it was gold and while I sat on it, he turned it on and revved it really loud. My ears were ringing! Man..... it was awesome! We didn't drive it of course, but the guy (one of our possibly new investigators) wanted to give us the opportunity! 

Other than that, morning workouts have been going great and today, when we go shopping I am going to get a ton of new stuff to juice so that I can get super healthy! Also, we have a nerf gun in our apartment and we've been shooting each other with that. It's been fun! haha! Also, I got to have a really incredible moment last night. When I got done calling our Zone, Elder Adkins and I said our personal prayers outside. The sky was incredible, it felt perfect out there and it was just an incredible experience. Nature truly is an incredible place and is beautifully conducive to the spirit. It was awesome! :) Also, I'm learning a ton from Elder Adkins! He is awesome! very obedient and he is training me well! He is from Columbus, Ohio, been out 17 months,likes to play the guitar, hike and really do anything outdoors. It's gonna be a great transfer!  
Other than that....... things have been going awesome! Oh wait! We committed one of our investigators, to be baptized on July 12th at 3 o clock! She is so amazing! She is from Holland, is very very funny and really has a sweet spirit. We are so excited for her! Now, I think THAT is it. Other than the fact, that I love you guys! Life is absolutely incredible!

My spiritual thought today is based upon a wonderful Companionship study we had this morning. We were able to talk this morning about how important it is that when we bear testimony, we NEED to bear testimony of the Savior, not just Joseph Smith but we need to realize that none of those other things would matter if our Savior wasn't there. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Redeemer of the world. Because I know that, I know that the church is true and that  Joseph Smith was a prophet and that we can be with out families forever. I love this work so much and our testimonies are powerful! We need not keep them locked but instead, we must let them be free and let them touch other's lives!

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