Thursday, July 3, 2014

6/30/2014..Alma 26 and a wonderful Zone

Things are actually going really really good here! We committed one of our investigators to be baptized on July 26th BUT his mom said that his uncle, who he wants to baptize him might not be able to make it so we are going to ask him if he would rather be baptized on the 19th. Whoo! Also, we got to have a Zone Companionship study this past week. It was absolutely incredible! Basically, a whole bunch of missionaries got together and we all had 1 hr where we read Alma 26 and discussed what we can do better. Very spiritual. Very AWESOME! 

Overall, this past week was INCREDIBLE! We got to go to the temple, watch Prophet of the Restoration and just have a fantastic adventure with one of our investigators! She is going to be baptized soon and after that, is moving to Holland! Wow! Who said that we couldn't have foreign experiences, even in Pocatello! Haha! Also, we got to play some basketball with her sons, two of our potential investigators that was awesome!  We got to go to both our Zone's District Meetings which were incredible! I love this Zone! Also, we did a lot of walking around, met a lot of wonderful people and we are unlocking some fantastic potential in lots of different places! We also got to present a missionary lesson to one of our wards this past Sunday. It went really really well! We got a bunch of people in the ward to take some Gospel materials and we are hoping for the best! :) Other than that, we have a meeting to go to tomorrow in Idaho Falls, we have Zone Training this coming Thursday and things are just going great! Oh! Also, Sister Siler got baptized this past Saturday! She texted me a ways back saying that she was getting baptized and it was SO exciting!  And, it was a wonderful and great experience. :) Overall, this past week was INCREDIBLE 

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