Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hey family and everyone!!
 This week overall was pretty tough. It had a lot of up and down moments but overall went well and was a great learning experience. I've got to speak a ton of portuguese and often speak it with my roomates and others outside and inside the classroom. We have also had several lessons since last time I wrote. We have abandoned the notes! Now, we just read scriptures ask him questions and try to work the spirit as best we can! I've gotten to see Elder Law, Cameron and Sarah's cousin, Sister Hirz, and Sister Reed!
I love you all so much! :) Dad, thank you so very much for the pictures! They look wonderful! And thank you for all the confidence and love that I feel everyday. :)
Overall, things are going well with Elder Alvarez. Earlier this week we were butting heads a ton and really REALLY were not getting along, to the point where it was affecting our lessons BUT since then, we have made incredible progress. :) Its so wonderful too because one of the Elders in my district left for Brazil so I am now in a trifecta companionship and the other elder is very wise and is much older than we are and really keeps us in line. I love Elder Bradd! I have made some great new friends as well! My roomies are wonderful and just a whole bunch of random people I meet anywhere and everywhere have been so kind and loving!

(I gave Bryce a list of 20 questions to answer..he forgot the list when he was writing this email..but remembered some of the questions…these are his answers) As for the food, one of my favorite things to eat is chocolate milk and cereal! YUM! And some of my least favorite stuff is......... well.... I don't really have a least favorite! I guess some for the desserts are kinda weird! Haha! Also, I think the hardest word for me has been diligently in Portuguese (diligentemente) wow! And some of my favorite words are barboleta, expicao, and pequeno! They are awesome! ;)

 I have gotten to play a ton of basketball while here and haven't even sprained my ankle yet! whoo!) Also, we have gotten to see some amazing devotionals! I got to hear from Dallin H. Oaks daughter, who is a world renowned violin player, 2 emeritus quorum of the 70 authorities and also I got to watch the Joseph Smith video! All of these were so wonderful and gave me the extra boost to keep going. :) I'm getting along really well with my roomies and Elder Bradd and I played a little game of makeshift pig in our room the other day with a make shift hoop and a paper ball! Also, I've gotten to use the bike machines on occasion for some exercise during gym time and p day! It doesn't beat running by the temple but they were super fun! :D I've also gotten to see a bunch of my old EFY buds recently and it's been super fun talking to them. :)

 I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts. I mean it when I say that some parts of this week were quite hard. Just mostly with my companion and some teaching a portuguese struggles. I can feel the support though and I love every single ounce of it. :) Thank you so so so very much and it is so very wonderful to know I have so many people cheering me and parker on. :) Thank you so much! I love you all! Mom, Dad, Tanner, everyone, this church is true and this work is incredible!

Heavenly Father's hand is actively engaged in this BEAUTIFUL work and He truly cares for His missionaries and I feel it everyday. There is a wonderful spirit that surrounds this MTC and I know that this is an establishment of TRULY HIGHER learning. :) Joseph Smith was a prophet! I know it! He gave his all to the church and we are here to carry forward the restored Gospel and testify of our wonderful Savior! Thomas S. Monson is God's prophet on the earth today! Temples are real and are enormous blessings on this earth! Prayer is real and I know that Heavenly Father listens. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and I know it's true! I'm also almost done with it! Whoo! I'm so excited to read it again right after that!!! :D

 Well, I Think that's all! If I left anything out, I am deeply sorry! Above all though, I want everyone to know that I am doing wonderfully, thinking of you all, and this work is true! The weeks are just flying by as well and I'm learning so much! Thank you for all your examples! Grandma Chambers, Merkley and Skinner, thank you so much for everything and for your care packages, love and encouragement! I love you so so so so much and all your words mean the world to me. :) Mom, Dad, Tanner, I love you so much and I miss you everyday. :) I Miss you all! Be safe! Ill talk to ya all next week!

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