Sunday, August 25, 2013


My Week in review: So! I'm just gonna shoot off a bunch of amazing stuff that I got to do this week! I got to go to a devotional given by a former NFL football player and BYU football player who has also been a sports caster for the Olympics in exotic locations all over the world! He was so amazing and I have a picture too! Also, yesterday we got to have an in field orientation for those leaving on their missions and it was most definitely one of the highlights of the MTC thus far. IT was just incredible. We heard from so many wonderful teachers, learned so many amazing things and it was super fun too! We also got to watch a play about the life of a missionary which was very funny and very insightful!

Our lessons went very well this week. Portuguese is coming along nicely! As of now, I am working on mastering all the tenses and verb endings and increasing my vocabulary and all the verbs I know. It's been crazy! Also, we have assignments to memorize certain scriptures and those kinds of things and recite them this coming sunday and so far, I have the 1st vision down, James 1:5, the baptismal prayer and our purpose as missionaries, all in Portuguese! I'm still not that good at them but I think I can get them out after a little struggling! Haha!

 Our choir number this week was "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer" and it was so beautiful! Also, one of the sisters in our district got her visa! She was so excited! Also, we went street contacting this week! It really was an amazing experience! We walked around the MTC and went and found people and in Portuguese contacted them, asked them some questions and got their information like we would in the field. It was pretty hard but nonetheless a very good learning experience and lots of fun! Overall though, this week has just been a whirlwind of Portuguese, lots of amazing food, great speakers, lots of music, so many wonderful lessons and lots of note taking. Again, I love you all and hope everything is going great in good ol Moses Lake! :) Have a fantastic week!

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