Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey Mom! I'm on my P-Day right now! Thank you so much for the Email and for all the info! It was much appreciated and I absolutely LOVE hearing anything about home. I apologize for not writing home in the past week. Things are very intense and crazy amazing but I did write a letter but I couldn't find it after that and we are only allowed to write on Friday. :( But, I am writing now! :D
 Thank you for the wonderful letters and for you, dad's, and Tanner's love. It is sooooooooo amazing to hear from all of you and it brought me to tears. I love you all so very much and I miss you guys. On a happier note though, thank you for giving her the necklace! And I am so glad that her friends helped her out a bunch. :) I really hope she enjoys it! 8 months? My goodness! That is a long time! Part of me things that waiting that long would be incredibly hard but part of me keeps thinking, "that would give me more time to learn Portuguese!" Haha! 
I get to see Parker quite often actually! Our main classrooms are right next to each other so during breaks I get to sometimes talk to him and we have been running together a couple of times.
 Oh my goodness..... I found the best running spot. I run around this line of trees over and over right in front of the temple...... It is just heaven. It's so perfect because it's always so sunny, so peaceful and as I hum "I love to see the temple" I just feel so at peace.

Really fast though, I wanna recap my arrival! Parker and I had a really good flight and got to see some beautiful scenery! When we landed we met a BUNCH of missionaries from all around the world going to all sorts of places! Also, it took us a while to find Barbara and Diane but it was so very nice to see them. And then..... our luggage. We actually went to the wrong place to pick it up so we waiting around for about 20 minutes just to be relocated to where it actually was. It was...... awesome! haha! But eventually we were on our way and they took us to this amazing diner place somewhere in Salt Lake. Miners or something? Anyways, it was delicious! I had french toast and ham! From there we drove a bit more and then dropped Barbara off somewhere to get her hair done I believe. At that point, I didn't think I could take another goodbye.
 We eventually did reach the MTC (after much driving and exploring) and upon our arrival we were immediately swept into everything! Everyone was saying hi and welcome and the spirit was just so strong! The joy and love of the work is almost tangible here at the MTC. It is HEAVEN! Sigh..... I have just had so many good experiences. I apoligize if you ever see me repeat stuff but it's really hard to cover everything in order! Haha!
 This past Tuesday we got to go to an AMAZING devotional at the Marriott center! BYU basketball is played there! It is so big and the devotional was just amazing! It was an emeritus quorum of the seventy member and it really just touched my heart. Also, this past Sunday we got to have a wonderful devotional as well and we listened to Elder Bednar's talk on the "Character of Christ". Sooooooo good! I highly recommend it! Also, if I haven't said it already, we got to go to the temple, take pictures and just walk around. Sigh..... It was so beautiful. It was so peaceful as well! Most of the time I just walked around and enjoyed the immaculate spirit that is so tangible there. Sigh... I loved it!
 Overall, I am just absolutely loving the MTC and trying my very hardest to not gain weight from the amazing food! My room is actually doing a push up work plan as well! We do 20 push ups a nigh and every week we are going to increase it by two for the remainder of our mission! We are on 22! Haha!
 Anyways, I love you sooooo much! This Gospel is true and the one and only way to TRUE happiness! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary though it is hard sometimes! I have a testimony of the Atonement and the amazing effect it can have on all our lives. I know that it is real, the Holy Ghost is real and that Joseph Smith restored the Gospel and translated the Book Of Mormon. This work is the beautiful work of our Heavenly Father and I cannot wait for all the upcoming experiences! Again, I love you!
PS- If I haven't said already, my companion's name is Elder Alvarez! he's a really good guy! We butt heads a LOT cause we are completely different people but I'm looking forward to our experiences at the MTC together and I love him! I love you! Give my love to everyone please!

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