Sunday, August 25, 2013

8/23/2013- answers to mom's 20 questions

Answer to  20 questions!
1-Things with my companions are going very well! We have been getting along well!
2-The best thing about Elder Bradd is how calm and wise he is. The best thing about Elder Alvarez is he is very bold and doesn't mind talking to people.
3-I love the other Elders that are staying in my room! Elder Kestler and Elder Williams are great and we are always singing.
4-I get up at 6:30
5-I exercise everyday either after service, or before or after dinner.
6- I eat at roughly 8,11, and 5
7- The best thing to eat is chicken cordon bleu and my least favorite is some sort of pasta called something like italian terazoli. Not delicious but I'll eat it if I have to! Haha!
8- I absolutely love the mornings where I get a hour of personal study. Often my companions and I go out to the front of the MTC when the sun is rising over the mountains. It is so beautiful! Also, I love gym time when I get to go to the field and can see the temple. :)
9- I have one class with my district that I spend probably 9-11 hrs in each day and my amazing teachers are named Brother Vanwagoner and Brother Gessel!
10- I really like Brother Vanwagoner because I can always feel the spirit with him and he is very humble.
11-I can buy things here! Lots and lots! I'm covered, don't worry! Haha!
12-I'm doing very well. :) Thank you!
13- The funniest word I have ever learned is cobblestone. It's something like paralelapeepadu. That is definitely not spelt right but that's what it sounds like! ;)
14- We speak Portuguese all the time! We sometimes have English Fasts where we go very long periods of time where we speak as little English as possible!
15- The best experiences I have had include just about every experience at the temple. :) Also, our in Field orientation, when Brother Vanwagoner and Gessel tell us stories and some of the really good inventories I have had with my companions where we have just talked to each other about our concerns and cares. :)
16- Embarrassing moments mmm.... probably some of the language mistakes I've had. Oh! One time during a lesson, I meant to tell my investigator that I had 2 brothers and I accidentally said I had two sons! That was...... interesting! haha!
17- As for my favorite people, I love my teachers, my companions and our choir director, Brother Eggert. :)
18- If my visa doesn't come, I really want to go somewhere where I can the greatest tool that I can be in the hand of the Lord! :)
19- Of course not! ;)
20- Yes! :) And I love you too! :)

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