Sunday, August 18, 2013


My week is review: this week was so incredible! We got to have some really amazing lessons with Heleno and Claudio and we even started a new program in class where we are assigned to teach each other and get to know each other! We all pretend to be someone and kinda live a different back story than we actually have and it is such an amazing learning experience! SO GOOD! Also, I finished the Book of Mormon this week! It was absolutely incredible! It's a true book and as we all read it, it can bring us all so much happiness and peace. :)
 Also, I got to sing in the choir for this week and we sang "Jesus Once of Humble Birth." It was such a wonderful experience and you could really feel the spirit. :) We also got to sing for an Apostle! Elder Richard G. Scott was at our devotional!!! He spoke and it was simply AMAZING! Just...... wow. It really was something special. :) He taught about prayer and since then, I have had a totally new outlook about prayer and i have learned a lot. :) We also got to try out to the upcoming Sunday Devotional as well! I am part of an 8 men acapella group singing come thou fount. It really is cool! And we got a yes, so we are in the yes "pile" and we just wait from here, keep practicing and cross our fingers! ;)

 Also, a bee or some sort of fly hit me in the face while I was running today out at the field, not really fun but interesting for sure! Of late, I have also been building my collection of the standard works in different languages. There are free bins in every residence hall and I peek in there every once and a while to see what cool stuff people have put in there! So far, I have a swedish triple, dictionary and bible, book of Mormon in fijian, hmong, and two other languages that I can't remember what they are, I think they are island languages though! Also, I have a spanish hymn book, a peach my gospel in some sort of slavic language, all my portuguese stuff AND a bible and triple in cebulano! yeah, crazy! It's pretty fun though! haha!

Oh! I am also the senior companion now! Whoo! Last night, I also got to share my testimony in portuguese with people! It was so awesome! Elder Alvarez and I were just walking around talking to people! We really liked it when we found elders and sisters who didn't speak portuguese too! ;) I think that's all for now! I'll keep you all posted though! Overall, this MTC experience has been so amazing! Very hard and I have had some down days but overall, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have grown so much and look forward to the rest of my time in the field to learn and grow! :) Thank you all for your support, prayers and various care packages and just for being amazing! I love it! Please have a fantastic week and know that our Heavenly Father is there, always! :) 

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