Sunday, February 16, 2014

2/10/14..A treadmill and a little dog!!!!

My week in review:
 the weather here..... it was a little chilly for quite a while. It's actually really crazy! There as  crazy drought here and I guess it is still going on BUT 19 stakes across eastern Idaho prayed and fasted for appropriate moisture and we got pounded with snow! Then, we got a whole bunch of rain and now it's about 45-50 degrees outside! Crazy, I know! But, the moral is that fasting and prayer works. :) I know that Heavenly Father will always provide what
we need, we just have to learn to be on the same wavelength as him. :) I was at the Dodges for almost 4 and a half months! It was SO fun! Now I am staying with a family by the name of the Mannings. They have a tiny little black dog AND A TREDMILL!!!!! Oh man, I'm excited! Overall though, they are so nice! They both work in law enforcement and are fantastic.We got to set a baptismal date with a wonderful girl named Isabella! She is 11 I believe and she is really shy but we are going to keep working with her and we are SUPER excited to see where it leads! :)
We have been able to have some absolutely incredible visits with some people by the last name of Curzon. :) He is a wonderful and active member and his wife is a non-member.He is a fantastic man that has been through a lot but just keeps smiling. I know that that is what we need to do. We need to keep smiling even during the trials because we never know who is watching. :)

I got to start the Book of Mormon over again! I am starting it and highlighting things that have to do with forgiveness, any reference to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and anything else that pops out at him as far as doctrine and Gospel Principles. :) I am so very excited! The Book of Mormon is so true and beautiful and celestial and amazing! So is the Bible! When these go together, wonderful things happen! :) 

Elder Abbott is getting transferred and I am training a new missionary! :) We are both pretty darn excited. We have had a lot of fun together and I've learned a bunch but it's time to move past that and keep going. :) I am really looking forward to this opportunity and am expecting a lot of humility building experiences and eye opening happenings. It will be so wonderful though. :)

We got to have dinner with an incredible family by the name of Maynard. He is a family practice doctor and they have a basketball court in their house! We had been told about it a long time ago and we finally got to go over and after dinner and a message, we got to see it! It. Was. Awesome. ;)

We got to go to the Idaho Falls Temple and do Baptisms for the Dead with Brother Axline! IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE! I got to do the confirmation and the baptism with him. Turns out, endowed members of the church have to bring their own names so we couldn't go through BUT Brother Axline could still go through and I had the honor and privilege of going with him. :) And of course, my first time, as if I wasn't nervous enough, I confirmed for Hungarian names and baptized for Slovakian names. Man, those names were awesome. ;) Overall, it was such a touching and spiritually building experience. :)

The Week to come: We get to do more baptisms for the dead! This time, with Patrick and it is going to be so wonderful! :) Also, we get to meet with the Ficas quite a bit and I'm sure the week has many more wonderful things to show us! :)

Overall, I love you guys! So very much and I wish you the best. :) The Church is true, Joseph Smith WAS a Prophet and the Book of Mormon is real and true. :) I wish you guys the best week ever! Go forth and serve and keep smiling! Talk to ya soon!
Elder Merkley

PS- Happy Valentines Day!!!

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