Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12/9/2013..Zone Conference and Cold weather

We definitely did have another amazing week! :) It snowed like crazy! AND it was Elder Abbott's first time driving in the snow! Definitely interesting! Haha!  I don't have a lot of time to write this morning BUT I want to tell you guys and a wonderful and incredible story! There is a man here in Pocatello.  He used to chew and drink and live a lifestyle that really wasn't working very well for him. He also would spend every other 2 weeks working at the oil fields in South Dakota in a terrible and vulgar work environment. Overall, it was hard for him to be away from his family and hard for him to live each day. BUT! This last spring, he stopped chewing, and drinking and recently quit his job at the oil fields to be home more, to spend more time with his family and go to church more! The crazy thing is, is he quit his job without having anything to go back too (something really unlike his personality). what seemed like quite a gamble really was something he described as "going with God" :) Also, pretty much the cherry on top of it all is his family wants to be sealed together soon! He was raised LDS but fell away for a while but has since returned and is trying to get his life in order! We have been able to meet with them twice and watched a video called, "The Mountain of The Lord" last time we were there. The video is all about the sacrifices that were made to build the magnificent Salt Lake Temple. :) Overall, he is an incredible inspiration to me. No matter what, God will provide a way! He interviewed with the Railroad this past sunday and finds out today if he made it! Keep your fingers crossed! :) I love this wonderful family and I hope and pray that they make it to the temple and just keep climbing upward and upward after that. :) Other than that, this week we had Zone Conference! We got to have a Christmas program, so many good talks and trainings, a slide show of the mission and a talent show! Man, it was one fun filled morning/afternoon! :) Over Overall, this week has been wonderful. Elder Abbott and I have had great opportunities to teach (we even got to speak in Sacrament Meeting about member missionary work), we got to meet a lot of wonderful people that we are hoping we will be able to help progress toward the temple and baptism, AND we had a ton of fun in the snow..... even though it's freezing outside. ;) But, I promise I'm good! I'm doing well! ;) I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic week! Be safe and have a WARM and wonderful week!

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