Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/16/2013...In Heavenly Father's Hands and the Idaho Falls Temple!

My week in review: This week truly was a fantastic one! Unfortunately..... we had to drop our two baptismal dates. One had been to church enough times and has been having terrible back pain and has been sick. For another, his mom doesn't want him to be baptized right now even though he is all for it. BUT, we are going to continue to work with both of these fantastic Sons of God and make the most of every single visit! :) Heavenly Father has wonderful things in store for us and we are going to keep pressing forward!

Fantastic Story #1- So, it was really late, probably about 8:45ish and we could have gone home but we decided to make one more visit for the evening. We went to a couples home! I'm not sure if I have told you anything yet about them BUT they are both members but haven't gone in a really long time. They REALLY want to come back and change their lives but they just struggle making the commitment. In fact, we have knocked on their door probably about 20 times but have only gotten in 4 times I think BUT we got in that night, which was incredible! We had a WONDERFUL conversation with them, shared a message about coming back to the fold and the joy found therein and we just got to really reconnect with them which was great! They are so fantastic and Jon has such a strong testimony of prayer, especially amongst his own personal trials. They didn't come to church yesterday BUT we are definitely going to invite invite INVITE for next week. They are such a good family. :)

 Fantastic story #2- We got to have such a good visit with another Brother! We went in wanting to teach one of the missionary lessons and invite him to be baptized again but he was feeling sick, pretty overwhelmed and his back was hurting a lot so we shared the most powerful Christmas message that we could. It truly was incredible and my testimony of the Savior and the TRUE meaning of Christmas was strengthened quite a bit. :) After that, we got to do some service for him! We helped him move boxes from his office to another room and then sat down and had some apple pie with him and his wife and just had a REALLY good conversation with them. When he does get better and can make it out to church, that truly will be a wonderful and awesome day. :)

Fantastic story #3- The A’s are such a wonderful family! We had such a good fun filled week with them! I think it was Saturday that we got to go over and ordain him to the Aaronic Priesthood, which was an incredible experience! We got to have a really good conversation with their family as well and then we were out! THEN, on Sunday, Brother A blessed the sacrament for the first time and we got to sit with a bunch of his family! ALSO, one of our investigators came to church whom we don't see very much. It was such a good day. :) Funny thing, when Brother A was saying the prayer, his grand daughter was trying to call out to him! It was adorable and so funny! ;) All in all, I have grown so much by being a part of Brother and Sister A's lives and it has truly been a wonderful experience to see him grow in the ways that he has. :) They are on a path that leads to incredible happiness that is just going to keep going and going and going and going!!! :) Also, the incredible path that they are on led us ALREADY to the temple! yesterday, we got to go to a missionary fireside at the Idaho Falls Temple Visitors Center and it was absolutely incredible! We watched a video all about the importance of eternal families and it was SO good, SO spiritual and SO touching. Man.... I want to watch that video again! Overall, it was such a good experience to be there with them and to have my own testimony of these things strengthened! Overall, such an incredible week, with the all of these awesome people! I really hope that this coming week equals and exceeds this past week! I've REALLY been working on doing all I can to prepare myself for the day and being as obedient as I can BUT when I step foot outside, it is all in Heavenly Father's hands. I've been working and completely giving myself to his will and to this incredible work. I still have a long ways to go but I have loved it so far. :)

  This work is true and so is the Book of Mormon everyone! I know that and I know that our lives can be changed as we come to know our Savior more and more each day! Much love from Pocatello! :)

 Elder Merkley

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