Wednesday, October 2, 2013

9/30/2013..Read the Book of Mormon

Things are going good with Sam! We met with her this week but one of the people living in the place where we were meeting kinda went off and was telling us that there is no way that we could know the Book of Mormon is true simply by the spirit. It got pretty crazy so we are gonna have to find another chance to teach Sam, maybe somewhere else! Haha! I'm not really sure what being a Mason entails actually! But, we got him a bible today and we are gonna drop it by! Whoo! That might actually be a good idea! He’s been pretty busy with football so we will have to see the next time we meet with him! This week I got to go on exchanges too with my district leader. I was a bit nervous but it actually was a really good experience and an awesome day! We got to walk a lot! haha! I have pictures so don't worry! Also, lately, we have been praying and fasting quite a bit for the success and baptismal dates to start coming! We've already started to see the miracles flow and it's been wonderful!
Also, we are going to start working out at the Bengal Creek workout center! It's a fitness room in our area and the people who run the apartments are LDS so they are going to let us in REALLY early so we can lift some weights and stuff! It's gonna be crazy! Also, this past Friday we had the chance to meet with a less active guy named Andrew and Joe, one of our investigators. It really was an incredible lesson and even better, Andrew came to church after not coming for so long! He had decided that it was time for him to make a change in his life and we are so excited for him! Other than that, life has been pretty crazy here in Pokie, especially with adjusting to our Trio, our investigators and the normal hustle and bustle of Missionary work! Ya gotta love it though! Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement and motivation. They really are needed. :) These past couple days have been rough and reading that gives me the boost and hope that I need. :) I will keep smiling! I promise! :) Also, our transfer information comes in 4 days! So I will find out what is up with my visa or if I am going to another area! AHHH! :) So wild! But, thank you again for everything. :) For all the prayers and thoughts. It really is much appreciated and I love you and dad, parker, and tanner so much! I hope this week is wonderful for you guys! Let everyone know that I love them! :) I miss you guys! Be safe! :)
Elder Merkley

PS- As far as a challenge, I challenge everyone to read at least 10 chapters in the Book of Mormon this week! I promise that you will find incredible blessings and much happiness. :) Love you all!

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