Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14/2013...Be a light for someone

We watched conference from the institute building here in pokie! It was SO WONDERFUL! I absolutely loved it! The messages were so amazing and inspiring. I loved all of President Monson's talk and President Uchtdorf's talk where you said "You can do it now!" Just loved em.

My companions’ names are elder Ogburn and elder Findley! Elder Findley is a visa waiter which is super cool! Also, Elder Ogburn is SO AWESOME! Very different from Elder Vigil, VERY but! In no ways is he less awesome though! He's taught me so much and the three of us are quickly become VERY awesome friends! :D Seriously, it's been so good! We actually just walked around in the cold for about an hour and a half looking for the family history center where we email! So..... yeah! Adventures! haha! But, so far we have been working on getting more unified, settling in and learning EVERYTHING we can about the area! Elder Findley is a new missionary and Elder Ogburn has been out a little over a year. Elder Findley is from Texas, was in a rock band and is awesome! Elder Ogburn is from Arizona and has met Steve Nash! Wow! But, overall, they are very awesome guys! Also, this week we got to have a really good talk with one of the less actives in the ward, Hannah. She is a recent convert and quickly fell away from the church but her really good friend just passed away while he was on his mission in Mexico. So, we got to go over and talk with her. Just talk and do everything we could to help her feel better whether it be by talking about it, bearing testimony, or just talking about other things. :) We talked about disneyland, traveling, missionaries, haunted houses and just all sorts of stuff. There seems to be a new light in her eyes for the Gospel and we are meeting with her again today at 1:30! It's gonna be awesome! :)
 Also, thank you for the letters! Be sure to tell them all thank you please! :) Also, I really like that idea with the ipod! That much be much appreciated! Thank you! :) Just to update you, it's definitely getting chilly here in Pokie but I have my rain jacket and a sweater vest and also the mission office has coats there if I need one so as of now, I'm still good! :) Also, this week, we got to play ultimate frisbee! The first night my companions got here we got to go play just to try and get to know some more members! We got stomped on but it was awesome! haha!
 Also, we got to invite one of our investigators, mike to be baptized! He said he doesn't want the Mormon label but he wants to be baptized. Interesting....... i know! But, hopefully, he will read the Book of Mormon and pray and be able to progress some more. :) Also, we had to move Tyson's baptismal date because he hasn't been to church but we have faith that November is gonna be the month! We are gonna keep working with him and he is pretty darn dedicated to reading the Book of Mormon and hopefully, he will pray as well and he can see the incredible happiness that this book brings! :)
 Overall though, this week was a lot of visiting, getting to know some more people, and actually an incredible learning experience! Because Elder Vigil left, I kinda got to be Senior Companion in a way for this week. It was CRAZY! But, a very humbling and good experience. I know that I'm not as good as I thought I was. ;) But, with Heavenly Father's help, I know that I can get to where he wants me to be. :) I've felt the most at peace this week I think of any week in Pokie. It's just been wonderful. :) I feel truly blessed and the spirit has been so wonderful. :) Thank you so much for everything Mom. :) Please know that I love you! and Dad! And Parker! And Tanner! :) I pray for you all and I hope everything is going wonderfully! I love missionary work! I WILL BE HAPPY! I PROMISE! :D The Book of Mormon is true! I know it with all my heart and I plead with all of you to make your daily study of it a HIGH priority! I promise blessings will come! :) This Church is true! I know it! :) I hope you have an amazing week and know that you're in my heart! :) Be safe and happy! :)
Elder Merkley
PS- As a challenge, for anyone reading this, please try and go be a light for someone! Help bring some life into someone's life! :) We are all Heavenly Father's children and He loves us SO much. :) He wants us to help eachother! Please do! :)

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