Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/21/2013..Reeses Puffs in Paradise

I switched areas! I know, crazy! So, there was an Elder that was up north in Idaho but had to come down south because of Asthma problems. So, he was here kinda floating around with the zone leaders but, last night, it came time for him to get back to work! So, my companionship being the only trio, we got a call saying that somebody was gonna head out. The crazy thing was that at that moment we were having a Sunday night meeting with the Bishop and members of the ward and then we were going over to a recent converts home so we didn't get to find out who was going for about an hour! Man, that was a long hour! haha! But, long story short, it was me! So, I got the news, went to bed, got up in the morning, packed my stuff, helped clean the house, and then went to my new area! 

Oh my goodness..... I love it! We live with members who have such a beautiful home! The inside is very nice but even better, it's up in the hills and with fall in full spring, it is BEAUTIFUL! And, from what I have heard, there is so much potential in this area and we have already heard about a guy who is GOLDEN, very ready. I'm so excited! And so, we unpacked, talked a bunch, and now we are here, emailing! Haha! But, other than that, it sure was a crazy week. Mid terms were going on and it seemed like everybody was either there, out of town, or working. So, as you can expect, it was a slow week. Which was kinda hard for us at first, because we felt like we set some inspired goals and these circumstances were keeping us from accomplishing those goals. But, I've decided that this week was a faith week. :) It was a chance for us to show Heavenly Father how hard we were going to work despite the unfortunate circumstances. Overall, I'm happy with the effort that we put forth! There were some rough moments, but, we tried, and that's all we could do. :)  Unfortunately, this means I don't have a Portuguese study buddy anymore, but, hey! I'm still gonna keep progressing and when I do get down there, they won't know what hit em! haha! 
Other than that, some other things that have happened..... mmm.... one of the less actives in Bengal told me I sound irish when I sing. Not totally sure what to make of that but I'm gonna take it as a complement! Haha! This week we have also been able to meet a lot with one of the less actives at Bengal and it's been amazing talking with her. Her family is really against the church, she is a recent convert, she's had multiple loved one pass away recently, school is CRAZY for her, she has been sick recently . The incredible thing is, is that she is still pushing through. She still wants to continue to progress in the Gospel, receive her Patriarchal blessing and wants to start coming back to church. Again..... I know.... wow. Trials are crazy and difficult, there is no doubt about that and we all go through different ones. BUT the principle is universally the same. As we keep pushing through, keep praying, keep reading our scriptures, Heavenly Father will ALWAYS be there for us! I know that with all my heart! He loves us and gives us these trials so that we can progress and as we go forth with the best attitude we can muster, we can achieve what He wants us to achieve!
 We can BECOME who He wants us to become! That is my invitation this week. :) As we go through our trials, just keep going. Psalms 27:1 and Helaman 14:30-31. He is always there for us. We can do it! Other than that, we had stake conference in Bengal as well. AMAZING! Also, we got to play a football game with a non member here in bengal and a less active guy . We lost..... but! it was close! 11-7! I guess it is worth saying that we had three people and they had two but still! It's something! Haha! The original thing was that if we won we would get to teach them but even though we lost we still scheduled a lesson! Haha! It was awesome! 
Later this past week, we also found monkeys in a dumpster in REALLY good conditions and they are currently hanging in my old apartment except for the one I took with me! Haha! Also, I got to eat a bunch of Reeces puffs this past week! Walmart was having this deal and it was 2 boxes of cereal for $5.00! I was pretty much in Paradise! Man, it was good! haha! Other than that, I've just really learned a lot this week. :) I've learned that opportunities to uplift and edify those around us are opportunities that we should never look past. :) I've learned that the spirit is essential in this work and also this life. Going through life without the spirit is like having an empty feeling that you just can't get rid of. AND we can qualify and gain that spirit as we do what Heavenly Father wants us to do! As we continue to love those around us, read the scriptures, have charity, and pray, we will find that spirit and live will go from 1 to 10 like that! :) This week was amazing and I'm looking forward to another amazing one!  I love you all so much! :) Talk to ya next week!

Love, Elder Merkley

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