Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4/6/2015...Easter, Birthday and General Conference..all in one weekend!!!

So, Saturday was my birthday and some amazing people (Brittany and Mark Hargis) gave us an oreo pie! We had a couple pieces and THEN..... things got intense. It started small, then I threw some water at Elder Fontes and ran downstairs. It didn't take him long to come down WITH THE PIE!!! I ran into a little walk in closet (bad idea!!!) I was yelling, "DON'T DO IT!!" and he was yelling, "I'M GONNA DO IT!!" We were at a stand still for about 30 seconds and then...... he did it. That started the war of the oreo pie! We spent the next 4 to 5 minutes throwing pie at one another in a walk in a closet. Then, we spent the next 25 minutes cleaning it up!!! It was amazing! ;) Overall, as bad as it was having to clean everything up and shower afterward, It'll be a super fun memory that we will always be able to look back on and laugh!!! ;) It taught me that even though working hard is VERY VERY important, when the time is right, we all need to take a moment to relax and laugh! :)

We had a zone companionship study and this is the whole group!! It has been SO amazing to serve with all of these elders and sisters! A couple of them will be leaving us to go home and several of them will be getting transferred this upcoming Wednesday. They have done some marvelous work though!!!

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