Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/13/2015..BUSY BUSY

This past week was incredible. :) Proselyting wise, we had a lot of success. :) One of our investigators is still looking good for baptism on April 29th @ 7. :) Also, we met a new guy, Kevin that said he would most definitely be baptized if he knew that it was true. Whoo! Also, we just received a new YSA branch and we got to meet one of our "new" investigators. They have 10 siblings and there mom is the most interesting lady ever! She wants to get baptized so bad but her mom won't let her. It breaks my heart to witness something like that. :( On a happier note, transfers went very well! We received two new missionaries who were visa waiters for about 2 days and then they both got their visas for Taiwan. Lucky elders.................... ;) I am so excited for them! The excitement in the zone is amazing as well! We are gearing up for a HUGE Aprill and an INCREDIBLY HUGE May! The goal is for every single companionship in the mission to help 2 of our Father's children enter the waters of baptism! We are investing LOTS of effort into preparing for it right now. It's going really well! It's very obvious that the hand of the Lord is with us and moving us forward. Miracles are happening everyday. :) It is so exciting to live during a time where the hastening of the work is so prominent and strong! May we ALL ever be found CATCHING THE WAVE and obeying the call to action that the Lord himself has given us! Mmm..... what else happened...... the weather has been really nice! Haha! Also, I got to go running around the green belt one morning! Man.... SO refreshing and beautiful! Exercise is THE BEST!

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