Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/27/2015..Killer bee, service and green jello!!!

This past week was incredible!! :) I got attacked by a bee! Explanation: We were on the way to this guy's house to have dinner with him. Elder Fontes and him were in the front seat and I was in the back seat. I start to hear this weird sound and look around to find the source. Well, I found it! It was a bee about as big as a baseball!! Well, maybe not that bit but, it was BIG! He was trying to get out of the truck by flying against a closed window! After my not so gracious spaz attack, we pulled into a parking lot and let him out. I value my life more as a result of that experience! To be super dramatic, I'd say that that experience was given to me so that I could learn how to find more joy everyday realizing that being alive is a joy in and of itself. ;)

Aside from that, the week was AMAZING! I got to go on exchanges with Elder Hales! Aside from the proselyting success we had, it was such a great learning experience. He taught me a lot about maintaining a healthy state of mind. I learned, more fully, that other's disobedience and wrongful actions don't directly affect me unless I let them. We are all individuals and have our own agency. :)

Also, there is a little girl in one of the wards that we cover . She is 10 and wants to be baptized so bad! The only thing, is that her dad won't let her. :( BUT, we got word this past week that there is a potential date set for May 29th or May 31st! The parents are talking about it! Everyone! Please pray that his heart will soften and that all will go well for that wonderful family! :)

Also, there is an AWESOME buffet in Idaho Falls and I FINALLY got to go to it! It's called Chuck-a-rama and it is a little piece of heaven on earth! One of our investigator families took us there too! :) I got to have some sort of dish that can only be described as jello and whipped cream coming together in a beautiful  creamy, green combination with a kiwi on top. It was great! Also, we got to share a lesson with them in the middle of the restaurant. It was fantastic!

Elder Fontes and I got to give talks in one of our wards on Sunday too! I talked about "receiving greater fulfillment and joy through Jesus Christ." I identified 3 things that we as Children of God can do to accomplish just that. I talked about prayer, scripture study and service. As I was pondering as to how prayer can enable us to find greater joy and fulfillment I discovered that prayer is literally a channel through which the Lord can bless us! We know from the Plan of Salvation that He TREASURES our agency! When we pray, we righteously us our agency in such a way that He can help us. :) Also, there are SO many fantastic ways to study the gospel effectively. We can study our Patriarichal blessings, listen to the hymns, study by topic, use the resources available on and even memorize scriptures so as to help them enter into our heart more fully! The Lord has a wealth of knowledge that He is wiling to give us! We need to be willing to pray in faith and study diligently and we will see Him in the details of our lives. :) Also, service is the bottom line I've decided! When I think of service, I always think of Gail Halverson from Meet the Mormons. In the movie he talks about how the Dead Sea is dead because it wraps it's arms around all the fresh water, takes in everything, gives out nothing! May we ever be found NOT being dead sea servants! We need to be out on the front lines helping those around! Aside from the blessings that will come into other's lives, we are promised so much joy and fulfillment. I know that there is joy reserved for the faithful servant. :) My invitation is for EVERYONE to try to pray with more strength, study with more diligence and serve with more willingness this week! :)

To close, we also had MLC this past week. :) It was amazing! It was also 8 hours long! Phew! Overall though, it was a spiritual explosion. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about miracles, loving others and going the extra mile for the Lord. :)

It was an amazing week! I hope everyone has a good one and finds lots of happiness! Keep praying, reading and serving!! Love you all! :)

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