Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/16/2015..Staying faithful

My week in review: What a glorious week!!! :)
First off, I got to attend an amazing fireside! The speaker was an individual who was formerly a member of the islamic faith and now has converted to Christinaty and since joined the LDS church! Oh my goodness...... what a story! He is literally an Arab Prince! He grew up as royalty in the Middle East and after moving to London to learn english was introdced to Mormon Missionaries and Christianity and has never looked back! He gave up EVERYTHING and his life is constantly in danger! After he converted he was almost murdered but survived! Man, it was an amazing example of sacrifice, RIGHTEOUS sacrifice. When there is something out there that is worthy of receiving, we should be willing to give it our all to get it. When Christ is involved, we should be willing to give up EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, just like this brother. Amazing story. :)

Also, I was able to go on exchanges with two other elders in our zone! It was a wonderful experience! I got to teach Bryan, an agnostic man. We spent so much time talking about faith believing without seeing. He has such a good heart and a desire to know and be with his family forever. I felt such a great love for him! We shouldn't ever give up on anybody! Everyone has great potential and we need to always keep that in mind everyday! Overall, it was a great day!

Also, the weather here has been AMAZING! SO GOOD!

Mmmm..... we had a Zone Companionship study too! We got together Friday morning and practiced inviting our investigators to come unto Christ! It went really well! Invitations are an amazing thing! Change is a beautiful thing as well! When we are willing to keep our commitments and help those around us to become better, the power of God is definitely manifest! Also, I've learned that if we extend an invitation of any kind to someone and don't follow up, it's useless! We need to ask them about it again and again and help them continue to come unto Christ! Nephi himself said that most individuals will not change unless invited to do so. Along with inviting others to change, let us invite ourselves to change! EVERYDAY and always follow up with ourselves! :)

Also, the Idaho Falls Temple is officially closed for 18 months for renovation. It feels strange! It's almost like something is missing now. The assurance that the temple was there, alive and well proved to be a beautiful strength! Now that that is not the case, things aren't terrible but it's just.... different. We've still got Rexburg though and in reality, we are still INCREDIBLE spoiled. :)

Also, we as a zone are fasting for greater success and miracles! My sacrifice for the rest of March is dessert/candy and also, using the stick shift in our car. No more of that! ;) Also, I'm gonna do better at writing in my journal! Haha!

Overall, this past week was great! I can't think of lots of events that were specifically amazing but looking back, the week just had a good feel to it. It baffles me how fast time goes by though. Father Time is definitely doing his job right! Haha! I know with all my soul that Jesus is the Christ! That knowledge has given me so much comfort and happiness so far on my mission. I fully expect to, as I stand upon that rock, find happiness throughout life. :) I invite everyone to find greater faith in and through Christ! Rely on Him! Trust Him! He knows what He is doing. :)

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