Monday, February 16, 2015

2/9/2015...Taking care of bodies and spirits!!


This past week was WONDERFUL

Miracle #1- We have been able to have several visits with a wonderful woman. We found her by contacting her mom and after her telling us, "my daughter lives next door", we went over and contacted her! She didn't seem quite interested then but after scrolling through the phone on day, I found her name and decided to call her. So far, we've taught her 4 times and she is going to be baptized March 21st! She loves the gospel and finds the fact that we can be forgiven and move forward a beautiful and sacred thing. She is going to be a pioneer for her family and bless the lives of many around her!

Miracle #2- We had our Zone Training! A bunch of us missionaries got together and spent 3 hours talking about everything we need to do better! Haha! Ya know what made it even better? The Mission President decided to come!!! ;) It was fantastic having him there. He invites the spirit and has such a presence. It was a beautiful and spiritual meeting. Many testimonies were shared. I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. No evidence, no claim, no intellectual war I lose will EVER suede me.

Miracle #3- We had a fantastic exchange this past week! I was in Shelley with Elder Wright and got to experience walking around for the first time in a while! Haha! Luckily, it was 62 degrees outside and sunny sunny sunny! It was a day of patience and perseverance. I'm glad I had the opportunity to grow in that department. :)

Miracle #4- Being on a mission is a miracle! I've been able to find TONS of joy lately! I had an experience that I thought was profound as well. So, the whole week I had done pretty good. I exercised every morning and had been eating very healthy foods. As a result, I felt the spirit, I felt good and I felt happy! Then, Sunday rolled around. It was Fast Sunday so dinner was a bit of a feast. After fully enjoying the food, I felt muggy and gross! I felt like I couldn't focus and I didn't feel nearly as confident! The contrast was undeniable. When we take care of our temples, God blesses us. When we don't, we lose those blessings and that connection. My invitation to everyone is to not only take care of our spiritual being through scripture study, prayer, service and church attendance but to make your physical health a LONG LASTING and eternal priority. God has great things in store for those who truly LIVE the Word of Wisdom

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