Sunday, February 1, 2015

1/26/2015...Working hard

Dear everyone,
This past week was an amazing one!!!
Miracle #1- This past week, we were SO BUSY! We were able to teach 30 lessons! We had appointments out the WAZUU! Also, we found 2 new individuals to start teaching, we have 11 potential investigator families to visit this past week AND Cloe is good to be baptized this coming Sunday! we just gotta teach her a little more and she needs to be interviewed! WHOO! My goodness, I don't think I have ever been so excited to see a pillow every night as I was this past week. Along with that exhaustion comes and INCREDIBLE sense of fulfillment though. In regards to missionary work AND life, hard work is ALWAYS worth it. If we are willing to sweat, persevere and LIVE, we will see Heaven now AND later. :)

Miracle #2- Intervews!! We got to have interviews with our Mission President and his wife. It's moments like that that make me SO grateful I am here. They are SUCH wonderful people. :) I talked with them about what I can do to finish my mission strong and they are just so great at motivating and encouraging you. That's what we all need to do! We should all be ALWAYS EMBARKING on a journey that will bless the lives around us. No matter how isolated or independent you think you are, SERVE. It's worth it! :)

Miracle #3- So, we were in our 3rd Sacrament meeting on Sunday, things weren't looking too good. Not too many of our investigators were gonna come and we were slightly bummed. BUT! The Lord came through! The Ward Mission Leader, Brother Walker came up to us and told us that as he drove around and picked people up for church that morning a woman came up to him and told him that she wanted the missionaries to come and teach her. ....................................................... We were speechless! Heavenly Father has so many "behind the curtain" blessings out there for us! As we are OBEDIENT THANKFUL AND FAITHFUL, we'll see em'. :)

Miracle #4- Being a missionary. I love it! :)

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