Friday, January 2, 2015

12/29/2014...Small and big miracles

Miracle #1- So, I went to the Physical Therapist Christmas Eve at about 2 in the afternoon and as we were returning to our home we got a call from a woman we are teaching.. She is a member but doesn't presently attend. She has got such a good heart though and really wants to come back! She called us in a panic because her niece arrived at her home this morning and after a whirlwind of events, She now has full custody of her 11 year old niece and had no way to provide Christmas (the presents at least) for her. She called us seeking counsel. We told her we would contact the Bishop and see what we could do. Here is the cool part! About 20 min later, we got a call from a man in her ward and he said that he and his family would like to do something nice for someone this Christmas. Our jaws DROPPED. We told him all about the situation, called her and asked about what her niece liked, got that info to this man and BOOM. It all worked out! Also, we've taught the niece 3 times since then and she is going to be baptized on January 24th! :) Heavenly Father works in mysterious and synonymous, beautiful and amazing ways. :)

Miracle #2- We were able to reconnect with an amazing family;  one  is a member, but doesn't attend and his fiance is not a member of the church and they have a 6 month old baby.  They are INCREDIBLE! They've been through a lot lately BUT came to church this past Sunday! AND they stayed for Sunday School. It was REALLY hard for him because he was so uncomfortable being there but he has such a desire to be a better father and someday, husband. They expressed an appreciation for the ward and how nonjudgmental; everybody was. Hopefully miracles will come down on them. :)

Miracle #3- I got to go on exchanges in Shelley! I love that place!!! We were able to find a new person for the elders to teach, teach 5 lessons and invite 2 individuals to be baptized! It was such a CRAZY day going from place to place, walking around in the 15 degree weather and talking with everyone! We even got to play a little basketball. Overall, it was AMAZING. :)

I have loved my stay here so far. :) I am hoping for many more days and miracles to come!

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